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Designed for living

The new range of Halcyon homes are designed for living and built for life - a promise underpinned by Halcyon’s Triple Guarantee.

For us, it’s not just about building a house. We create a home that meets your needs, keeps you comfortable, and suits your lifestyle long into the future.

What sets us apart is the innovative and superior performance of our architect-designed homes. We use quality fixtures, modern appliances and fittings with minimal long-term maintenance, running and replacement costs.

Built for life

Halcyon homes also reflect Livable Housing Design’s Silver level as design standard. So, you’ll find your home easy to enter and navigate, with one step-free access point, hobless shower recesses, and wider doorways and halls.

They’re also cost effective to adapt with in-built noggings that allow you to retrofit grab rails if you need to. You’re able to stay in your home for longer, and in safety and comfort, without the expense of retrofitting. It’s the peace of mind of future proofing.

Halcyon Greens Fairway Homes
Lower running costs

With an eye on the environment and lowering energy costs, our superior energy-rated homes perform better. They are built with materials such as steel frames and Hebel panels, which are stronger, more resilient and gentler on the environment.

We employ passive solar design to deliver homes that are cooler in summer, warmer in winter and cheaper to run. Each new home has three levels of thermal insulation, solar panels and light-coloured roofing.

You also have the option of a Tesla Powerwall which allows you to store your solar-generated power and use it later.

Find a home that suits you and your budget