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The Halcyon model
What legislation does an over 50s lifestyle community fall under?

Halcyon creates and manages lifestyle (or land lease) communities. They are common throughout the United States and growing in popularity across Australia. Today, more than 70,000 Australians are living in 900 land lease communities. (Residential Land Lease Alliance research – October 2017)

Halcyon’s lifestyle communities are exclusively for owner occupiers aged over 50. There are no mortgages, investors or renters. This reinforces the strong sense of community and security that Halcyon is renowned for. And of course, your family and friends can visit and stay over, and you can bring your pet with you.

Our communities are governed by Queensland’s Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003 – The Act. This brings financial certainty and legal protection while being less complex and more transparent than retirement village legislation.

At Halcyon, you purchase your stand-alone home and sign a lease (Site Agreement) to pay rent (Site Fees) on the freehold land on which your home sits. The land remains the property of Halcyon. Under the Act, you hold your land lease in perpetuity, meaning it lasts the life of your ownership. The Site Agreement is your contractual right to occupy the land and also gives you non-exclusive use of the community’s common areas and communal facilities.

Our caretakers look after the streets, communal spaces and recreational areas. Happily, this means you don’t have to mow your front lawn or clean the pool. Just relax and enjoy the peace of mind of living in well-maintained environment.