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Why fly economy when you can fly first class?

January 10, 2022

You may not know Stockland's B by Halcyon homeowners Peter and Linda Hockin, but you have probably seen their swimwear on some of the world’s biggest celebrities.

“We’ve got our own business in the area close to B by Halcyon in Buderim (QLD),” Peter said.

“We’ve got our own brand of swimwear and sun-protective clothing – Stingray – and we also supply book packs and stationery to local primary and junior schools.”

Stingray is a family business that Peter and Linda run with one of their sons. They have been researching, designing, testing and manufacturing UV protection activewear since 1986.

It’s little wonder then that Stingray is “liked” by some well-known celebrities.

“Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, he has purchased swimwear through us,” Peter revealed.

“The other guy who ordered through us last year is Lionel Ritchie. We do Stinger suits, he picked one up and put a photo on Facebook; he calls it his ‘favourite onesie’.”

Still happily running their business, Peter and Linda made the move to B by Halcyon after deciding to downsize as they transitioned into their next stage of life.

“There are a lot of similar developments around this area, so it had to be something that made the difference for us,” Peter said.

“While the other community ticked some boxes, it was only B by Halcyon that ticked them all. In B’s favour, we were really impressed by the quality finish, the attention to detail, the facilities they had planned and the development layout.”

Peter and Linda are the 50th homeowners to settle at B by Halcyon, marking a special milestone for the couple as they embark on a more manageable lifestyle.

The couple have settled into one of the community’s largest homes, the two-storey Daintree.

For Peter and Linda, B by Halcyon offered the best opportunity to live their very best life.

“Linda had a great analogy for coming to B by Halcyon,” Peter said.

“She said: ‘Moving to Halcyon is like travelling – instead of economy, why don’t we hop on B and fly first-class from now on?’”