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Community is the heart of Halcyon
Halcyon (def.)
A bird identified with the Kingfisher, held in ancient legend to nest at sea about the time of the winter solstice, purposely calming the waters while the eggs incubate.
Thus ‘Halcyon’ is associated with calm and a golden happiness, which became associated with wealth.


Our Foundations

We created Halcyon in 2004 with the ambitious yet simple vision of changing the face of retirement living. 

Through first-hand experience in our respective fields of medicine and law, we realised the traditional retirement model did not meet the needs of modern retirees. It was complex, financially onerous and outdated. 

We believed there was a better way and that the modern senior deserved and wanted more from their retirement. Sensing the industry was ripe for change, we decided to deliver innovative housing for lifestyle-oriented over 50s.

Since then we’ve created 9 communities across South East Queensland, while building a reputation for superior quality, safe and vibrant lifestyle communities. We select sought-after locations that are close to the coast, city amenities, shops, medical, and are positioned near to the M1 and Bruce Highway.

We’re proud to say that more than 2,500 people now call Halcyon home.

We go further than providing the bricks and mortar of a community. We stay on to help create the Halcyon lifestyle of friendship, fun and freedom. We do this through our onsite caretakers and full-time community managers, who are there to make your halcyon days easier and more enjoyable.

With each new community we strive to do something new, to take the untrodden path in creating a vibrant lifestyle. This is the backbone of our growth and success, which has seen us become Australia’s most awarded developer of lifestyle communities. It's been our commitment to leadership and innovation that has won us more than 20 industry awards for our lifestyle communities.

We’re dedicated to innovating and leading the industry and look forward to unveiling new communities across this beautiful coastal region in the years to come.

Bevan and Paul signatures



Dr Bevan Geissmann & Paul Melville
Halcyon founders and Joint Managing Directors

Who is Halcyon?

Established in 2004, Halcyon is a private company that creates and operates lifestyle communities under the manufactured homes sector in Queensland.

The leader and innovator in this space, Halcyon operates nine lifestyle communities across South East Queensland and has won more than 20 industry awards.

In 2016 Halcyon established its own construction company, Halcyon Constructions QLD (QBCC 1312615), providing greater control over the quality and delivery of homes.

Halcyon head office is located at Halcyon Waters, Hope Island.