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Halcyon buyer referral program

At Halcyon, we believe word of mouth is still the best form of marketing. After all, who knows Halcyon better than those who already know us. 

To prove just how much we value word of mouth recommendations we are excited to announce the revamped Friends of Halcyon Referral program.

Best of all you don’t have to be a Halcyon homeowner to be part of the program.

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How it works

When you successfully refer family and friends to Halcyon you will receive a $1,500 for you plus an additional $500 which you can donate to a charity or cause of your choice.

The person who buys a home at a Halcyon community will also receive $1,500 for them and $500 which they can donate to their charity or cause of their choice.

In 2020, Halcyon aims to donate $150,000 to charity through the Friends of Halcyon Referral program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 'Friends of Halcyon' referral campaign and who gets rewarded?

Halcyon has a new dual-sided referral program. The program is designed to say thank you to homeowners, friends and the community for referring customers to Halcyon. The Friends of Halcyon Referral program features a $1,500 payment to the referrer plus a $500 donation to the referrers selected charity or cause and for the referred person they receive a $1,500 cash back on settlement and a $500 donation to a selected charity or cause. 

Who can be part of the referral program?

The Halcyon referral program is open to homeowners, as well as people and other groups and organisations outside Halcyon communities. For example, your mum or dad can be part of the Halcyon referral program so too can your local Men’s Shed or netball club.

Community organisations, registered sporting groups, special causes, organisations and individuals can also be part of the Friends of Halcyon Referral program. Your organisation could be a school, community group, church, sporting group or valued partner of Halcyon.

How and when do charities receive their donations?

Halcyon proactively contacts charities to arrange cheque presentations.

How does the referrer claim their payment?

The referrer is contacted by the Halcyon team. Our team will obtain the bank details and charity or cause of your choice so payments can be made at the time of settlement.

How does the referral payment get paid and does the charity or cause, need to be registered with the ATO?

The referrer will receive payment by electronic funds transfer on the settlement of the referred home sale.

Halcyon has five recommended charities from which to choose or referrers can nominate another charity or cause of the choice. The entity needs to be a legitimate cause or association. The entity does not need to be a registered charity of the Australian Charities and Not For Profits Commission. The charity or cause needs to be a valid and legitimate cause or association.


What happens if the home buyer doesn’t nominate the referrer when they visit? Can payments be made retrospectively?

For the integrity of the program, referral payments cannot be made retrospectively. Referral payments for the referrer and the buyer are effective from 1 March 2020 and are made to the nominated referrer at the time of their initial visit.

If a son did all the research and brought his mum in – is he entitled to the $1,500 fee as it is his mum?

Yes they are. The payment would be made once his mother’s home settles.

Can my local Country Women’s Association or bowls club who referred a customer to Halcyon get a referral payment? And how much do they receive?

Yes, they can. They would receive $1,500 on the settlement for referring a customer to Halcyon.