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Styling 101: How to style your coffee table

16 December 2019 | by Coco Republic

From an early morning cup of coffee to a relaxing afternoon with a good book, the coffee table is often the most used item of furniture in the house. It’s also the easiest to style.

Coco Republic interior design stylist Laure Bebbington says the humble coffee table can show off your personality and inject fun into your living space.

“Coffee table styling is one of my favourite things to do and can be done quite frequently to change the look and feel of your living space,” Laure said. “I always encourage clients to use items collected during travel and items that show off your individual ...

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Five signs your body is out of balance

16 December 2019 | by Charmaine Renaud

How healthy are you really? You may eat well, exercise regularly and take time out to relax but are you missing tell-tale signs that stop you from feeling your best?
Five signs your body is out of balance:

1. Can you walk five kilometres in one session?
2. Is your stomach settled before or after eating?
3. Do you sleep seven hours comfortably at night?
4. Are you pain-free all the time?
5. Can you sit calmly for 20 minutes?

If you said “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to consider taking proactive steps towards becoming healthier and happier.


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Around the World in 132 Days

16 December 2019 | by David Snell, Halcyon Landing home owner

“David, could you share some highlights of your recent World Cruise on the Silversea Whisper?”
An almost impossible request after returning from a 132-day cruise where my wife, Una, and I visited 52 ports across 31 countries, experienced seven lavish special events, took thousands  of photos and made hundreds of new friends.

We certainly weren’t “cruise-a-holics” having been on three cruises previously, so why a massive luxury cruise like this? It was an invitation from our Halcyon Landing neighbours, John and Lynn Carr, to join them on their half-world cruise.

With 14 cruises under their belt, we trusted their judgement and decided it was a ...

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The ‘Santa’ chat with Leila

16 December 2019 | by Rob Davis, Halcyon Parks homeowners

Recently I've been thinking about santa and my part in perpetuating the whole myth. Consequently, I decided it important i should cautiously present a measured argument to my granddaughter on the possible fantasy surrounding Santa Claus.

Leila, a newly minted teenager, likes a robust discussion so we sat down over a chocolate frappe to talk calmly about the possible non-existence of Mr Claus.

‘Leila,’ I began, ‘there are some people who are real though we might wish they weren’t.’ 
‘Like my brother,’ she announced. ‘Really?’ I said, ‘which one?’ ‘You know,’ she answered.  ‘OK,’ I said, pushing on and not naming anyone, ...

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Dog's life a walk in the park

12 December 2019 | by Halcyon Glades

A dog's life is anything but 'ruff' for the pooches living at Halcyon Glades.

The community’s canines are lapping up the benefits of having their own private dog park just minutes from their doorstep. The fenced and double-gated park, the first of its kind in a Halcyon community, comes complete with seating, landscaped gardens and a tap with built-in water bowl.

There’s simply no excuse not to take your best friend for ‘walkies’. It’s regularly the scene of playful canine catch-ups, giving grateful owners the chance to connect and compare notes on everything from doggy dramas to the price of petrol.

For Gill West, who ...

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2020 Halcyon homes range now on display

12 December 2019 | by Halcyon

Halcyon's new range of homes reflects a move toward larger scale living, more flexibility and future-proof design.

Aimed at delivering a lifestyle that works now and 10 years down the track, the new architect designs are based on extensive feedback from Halcyon homeowners and buyers. Halcyon Joint Managing Director Dr Bevan Geissmann said the new collection reflects the Baby Boomer generation’s desire to ‘right-size’ their home as they upsize their lifestyle.

“After 15 years in the lifestyle community sector we understand that one size does not fit all and everyone has their individual needs and desires,” Dr Geissmann said. “These homes are ...

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50,000 reasons for Gold Coast local Louise to smile

04 December 2019 | by Halcyon

Halcyon is thrilled to announce, Louise Pickup of Arundel ‘picked up’ a $50,000 prize after entering Halcyon’s Do It Your Way competition, open exclusively for baby boomers.

Louise had the option to choose between three incredible prizes: a caravan valued at $57,950, gold bullion valued at $50,000 or a bucket-list European holiday worth $50,000.

Surprised while playing golf at the Southport Golf Club with friends, Louise chose to walk away with the $50,000 gold bullion to put towards her and husband Ray’s retirement.

Louise said she had “never won a thing in her life, not even a meat raffle.”
Louise’s win proves you ...

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Halcyon featured as booming Australian lifestyle community provider

27 November 2019 | by Halcyon

Halcyon Lakeside and joint managing director, Dr Bevan Geissmann, were featured on the ABC 7.30 Report recently as part of Alan Kohler's economy series. 

In the feature, Alan Kohler speaks of providing for retiring Baby Boomers as one of Australia’s economic bright points. Halcyon is featured at 4:48 minutes.

Thank you to the ABC for the great opportunity to be part of the series.

You can also view the article on the ABC below.

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Pickleball Festival takes the Gold Coast by storm

04 October 2019 | by Halcyon

It’s the sport with the funny name and now Pickleball - the fastest growing sport across America - is taking Australia by storm with the Gold Coast set to host Australia’s first Pickleball Festival this October 4th.
Pickleball – a hybrid of tennis, badminton and table tennis – is a great sport at any age, with more than 1,500 Aussies taking up the sport because it’s easy to learn, fun to play and provides a great workout while going easy on the joints.
Hosting the Pickleball Festival will be the American pioneers of Pickleball, Robert and Jodi Elliott, who have ...

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Crafty Chris is sewing the seeds of love

17 September 2019 | by Halcyon Greens

Chris Carter has never forgotten how kindness touched her life when she needed it most. “I was a single mum for a number of years and I had absolutely nothing,” the Halcyon Greens home owner recalled.

“I had a wonderful bunch of ladies that I worked with who could see that I didn’t have any food for the family when I ate Vita Brits for lunch every day for a week. “They would take up a collection for me, and every now and then they would buy me a food parcel. “I’ve never forgotten their generosity.”

That kindness and a humbling visit ...

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Judith and Stan land an unforgettable anniversary

17 September 2019 | by Halcyon Landing

There’s never been a 60th wedding anniversary celebration quite like this one. The guests waded through water to reach the venue, the boat didn’t leave the wharf and the bride renewed her wedding vows in bare feet.

“It was better than our wedding day,” laughed Halcyon Landing home owner Judith Smith.
It was meant to be a scenic cruise and anniversary lunch with their dearest friends on the Maroochy River. But it turned out to be something rather different, but also quite wonderful for Judith and her husband Stan, who moved to Landing in 2012.

Judith said a flooding king tide on ...

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