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Life begins at 50

Recipe: Gingerbread house

16 December 2016 | by Halcyon

What you will need to build your house…
Base - Plywood, heavy platter or chopping board
Cardboard cut-outs - Two 13cm x 19cm rectangles (roof), Two 11.5cm x 16cm rectangles (side walls), Two 16cm x 19cm rectangles (front and back), each trimmed at 1 short end to form two 10cm-high gables
Decorations - Raffaello balls, white choc melts, white choc bits, jubes, red M&M’s or Smarties, red and white licorice bullets, red jelly beans, strawberry creams.

3 1/2 cups (1200g) self-raising flour
1 cup (340g) plain flour
1 tablespoon ground ginger
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 cup (340g) firmly packed ...

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Preparing for Christmas

12 December 2016 | by Halcyon

Two weeks before…
Try to have all of your out-of-town presents mailed by 10 December.
Buy all of alcohol and non-perishable items required for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
Start wrapping your other gifts.

One week before…
You’ll enjoy those decorations even more if the floors are clean and the kitchen is organised. One important task: Clear out your refrigerator. Toss old leftovers to make room for big dishes and ingredients that’ll be piling up closer to the holiday.
Go through the gifts you have purchased and double check if you need to buy batteries for the toys for the grandkids?
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Starting yoga after 50

02 December 2016 | by Halcyon

A growing number of over 50’s (well all ages) are looking for alternate ways to exercise, gone are the days of pounding the pavement being the go to exercise for a happy and healthy you.

Yoga has been a popular form of exercise in Australia for about 15 years and more and more people who are over 50 are starting to show some serious downward dog interest in this movement.

Starting a new activity can be daunting and starting on your own is intimidating, take it from me, the trial phase can sometimes be “fun” but it will get easier, look for ...

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Tips for becoming fearless when you’re over 50

29 November 2016 | by Halcyon

Fear can be used for two things, it can stop us from doing something or it can motivate us to move forward. The choice is yours…

I guess the question on many people’s lips is; how can I be fearless when I’m over 50? How does one move out of their comfort zone and test the waters unknown? How can we stop fearing (and fighting) aging and learn to actually embrace it? Well lets have a look at some things that could help you find your inner lion(ness).

Actually think about your age demographic
Over 50’s make up the largest demographic in ...

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Being over 50 definitely has its perks

18 November 2016 | by Halcyon

I’m sure you already know but I’ll remind you anyway, being over 50 is awesome, you are more worldly, you’ve overcome so many things and here you are, now able to sit back and really enjoy what you have worked so hard for. In Australia we really are blessed to receive government benefits for being over the age of 50. Here’s a list in age order:

Over 50
Insurance Premiums

Let look at motor vehicle insurance, in most cases turning 50 means premiums will go down. It’s definitely a good idea to shop around as there are many providers who offer ...

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Run forest run… I used to hate running

18 November 2016 | by Halcyon

I still insist on the theory that some people are made for running and others aren’t. But after being a regular runner for many years now, I firmly believe that everybody can run, some people just have to work a little harder than others to get going in the beginning.

There are a lot of studies that show that running at any age is good for you, so long as you continuously check yourself, I would suggest that if you are a first time runner, maybe start with a goal a little smaller than a marathon. Perhaps have a read of ...

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Thoughts in an over 50’s mind

08 November 2016 | by Halcyon

People bang on about this all the time, so I will jump on the bandwagon too, health and fitness should be a very important factor when we’re over 50, the better we feel, the better we look then age becomes irrelevant. There’s also a lot to be said of simplifying your life, getting back to the basics and finally but no less important is to embrace your age — no matter what it is.

I hear the groans now, easier said than done… I know, I know, by the time we get to 50 we’re often set in our ways. But ...

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Vision for life after 50

31 October 2016 | by Halcyon

Article appeared in the Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin, 31 Oct 2015.

The first two-storey waterfront home set to be built at the Vision by Halcyon estate is being hailed as setting a new standard in luxury living for over50s communities.

The $1.325 million residence features a lift, marina berths, three bedrooms, three bathrooms and indoor/outdoor entertaining space.

Designed by DC8 Studio, the home features a glass-encased ground floor living area which opens up to a waterfront alfresco.

Robert and Pam Jones are the first to purchase one of the limited Riversong designs and will move in next year.

“We are moving from Riverlinks in Helensvale ...

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Evolving visions shape our destiny

29 October 2016 | by Halcyon

Article appeared in Sunshine Coast Daily, 29 October 2016.

The Sunshine Coast is changing, moving from a beach culture to a more business-based economy.

It has been taking place for years but has become tangible since construction started on the near-$2 billion Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital at Lake Kawana more than two years ago.

The transformation in the past 12-18 months has seen the region take on a new persona.

The focus continues to be development in harmony with the environment and to encourage blue-sky industries: education, health and wellbeing, technology and niche markets for primary industries in agriculture and horticulture.

The result is ...

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Recipe: Banana and rolled oat muffins

28 October 2016 | by Halcyon

2 cups (260g) wholemeal self-raising flour
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1 cup (100g) rolled oats
1/2 cup (100g) brown sugar
2 eggs
3/4 cup (185g) plain low-fat yoghurt
1/4 cup (60ml) canola oil
2 bananas, mashed (250g)

Step 1:

Preheat oven to 200°C. Line a 12 cup muffin pan with paper cases.

Step 2:
Sift flour, cinnamon and soda into a bowl. Empty the flour husks from the sifter back into the bowl along with the oats and brown sugar, and stir to combine.

Step 3:
Whisk eggs, yoghurt and oil together. Add banana and stir ...

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