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How to plan an Easter Egg Hunt

13 April 2017 | by Halcyon

A good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt isn’t just for the kiddies there’s been plenty-a-Easter egg hunt, where the adults are just as eager to get their hands on as many of those colourful eggs as they can… So perhaps it’s time you stepped up to host the annual Easter egg-stravaganza? Follow these easy steps for a fun-filled event, which gets the whole community involved!

Set the date
Not all hunts happen on the same day. A good timeframe would be Easter weekend—or the week before. If you’re planning on hosting outdoors, have a back-up rainy day plan.

Pick the location
Whether the ...

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Technology use for over 50's

07 April 2017 | by Halcyon

Over 50’s are using mobile technology more than ever before. How can you benefit from this upsurge? Why is being involved so important for a more enhanced life.

Computers, mobiles and keeping up with the kids
The driving force behind the adoption of digital technology, mobile devices, computers and online services is largely down to younger family members always being connected, lets face it when was the last time you saw your grand child with their heads glued to their gadgets?

Convenient technology
While many over 50’s have experienced computer technology in their lives, it was more of a treat never really ...

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Six things about money that we should’ve learnt at school…

24 March 2017 | by Halcyon

Some people are good at saving and others are better at spending, perhaps we get better at the whole saving thing as we age, out of necessity, or just because we get used to managing money, either way, wouldn’t it be a good investment in ourselves if we learnt simple money tricks and tips at school? Here are some of the things I wish I learnt, which would’ve probably seen me become a millionaire before I turned 30…

Where should I seek advice?
Traditionally we go to a bank for money advice, which when you really think about it is a ...

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Selling your home to make the move

17 March 2017 | by Halcyon

Thinking of making the move to an over 50’s resort community, but need to sell your home? Here’s some tips and tricks to turn your dream into a reality…

Have you heard the saying, “first in best dressed”, well the same goes for selling your house… A well dressed home will sell faster, just switch on your TV and watch the many shows that take a tired looking home and carry out those little changes that the owner had wanted to do for years but never did, then dress the home in the latest style trends and the home sells and ...

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Do you love a cuppa?

10 March 2017 | by Halcyon

Well you could be doing yourself a huge favour by reaching for the kettle!

During the course of our day we may experience aches and pains possibly from existing conditions or simply just over doing it. Unfortunately these aches and pains can cause stress and fatigue or could aggravate other conditions… There are some wonderful herbs and plants that can help in relieving some of these symptoms.

Sage: It’s a wonderful herb for treating muscle soreness; it helps to relax muscle fibres. It’s also a great natural cough medicine by relaxing the lungs and throat. It works well as a hot ...

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Want to grow your own vegetables?

24 February 2017 | by Halcyon

If you know Halcyon, you know that we’re known for our fabulous veggies! For many years we have been feeding the bellies of many of our home owners and locals! So we think we know a thing or two about growing veggies.

Some people may not be lucky enough to have a backyard that gets full sunlight… Which is generally what most veggies patches thrive off. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with how you can maximise on this shady situation…

Firstly, if your garden gets absolutely no sun unfortunately no vegetable will grow, if you’re lucky enough to get at least ...

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Hope turns to reality

24 February 2017 | by Halcyon

Article appeared in the Gold Coast Bulletin, 24 Feb 2017.

The concept of a Hope Island town centre precinct, all but laid to rest by the global financial crisis appears set to become a reality.

The concept – retail and office facilities bordered by medium density housing – was proposed by John Fish who, ahead of the crisis, controlled a significant swath of Hope Island waterfront land that included the Hope Island tavern, since sold.

Mr Fish’s $1 billion town centre plan included upmarket retail outlets, restaurants, private school, medical precinct and commercial space.

However, the land parcels came into the hands of financiers ...

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Aussies love Facebook!

17 February 2017 | by Halcyon

A recent study discovered that Australian’s are leading the Facebook way…

And it’s adults, not kids, who are the ‘users’.

How often do you use Facebook? Apparently three out of four of us are using Facebook daily, that’s according to the latest ‘Digital in 2017’ report. It seems that we are logging on more frequently than any other country in the world, with the worldwide average being just 55%.

Australia now has 16 million active users, that is about two-thirds of the population. Usage has gone up by 14% in the last 12 months.

The report, which looked at data from 238 countries, found ...

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Valentine’s Day: 8 of the most romantic world records

10 February 2017 | by Halcyon

For some of us it’s hard not to get a little carried away with all the Valentine’s Day hype. For others they take their “love” to the next level, the record books in fact… Check out some of the most romantic world records:

Oldest love poem:
Archaeologists have dated a love poem written on a clay tablet to the time of the Sumerians, who invented writing ca. 3500 bc. The poem was unromantically named "Istanbul #2461" and is thought to have been recited by a bride of the Sumerian king Shu-Sin, who ruled between 2037 and 2029 BC. It begins: Bridegroom, ...

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Vision by Halcyon stars on TV

25 January 2017 | by Halcyon

Recently a production crew visited Hope Island to shoot a segment for channel 7’s ‘Best Houses Australia’ programme. The host of the show interviewed home owners and Halcyon Joint Managing Director Dr Bevan Geissmann to gain insight on Halcyon’s unique over 50’s living model, shooting scenes in the homes and inside the Lifestyle and Aquatic Precinct.

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