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Are you a Baby Boomer ready to unlock the wealth you have worked hard to achieve?

December 11, 2018

Many of us have worked hard to own our own home…maybe because that’s because there was no smashed avocado on toast 20 years ago. For Baby Boomers the benefit of property ownership is that the wealth is in our home and most of us are now looking to lock in our capital gains and move to a lifestyle that is more suitable.

I’m not talking about getting older and needing care, but more wanting the freedom, fun and social aspect that comes with living in a community. The question is, how do you get the lifestyle whilst protecting your capital gains in your principal place of residence?

Have you ever considered living in an over 50’s lifestyle community? This style of living is opening up new opportunities for Queensland’s Baby Boomers to unlock the wealth they have worked hard to secure in their homes.

The over 50’s community living concept is very unique and ensures that your investment is well protected when purchasing in a community. Operating under the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003, significant financial benefits to home owners include:

  • No exit or entry fees when entering or leaving the community: Which means there is no risk and angst when making the decision to move into an over 50’s community, you can leave at any time and not be hit with any unexpected exit fees. 
  • No stamp duty on purchase of the home
  • Home owners retain all capital gains when the selling
  • No deferred management fees or body corporate

There are no hidden costs, no exit fees, no deferred management fees, sinking funds or capital replacement fees and you are free to sell your investment at any time and receive all capital gains.

At Halcyon we provide security of ownership, affordable living and ensure your investment is safe and maintained to the highest standards to allow it to appreciate in value, as we believe our home owners have earned the right to get the most out of their life.