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Get Active
December 08, 2020

Keen golfers Karl and Heike Adam thought taking up lawn bowls might be a great way to learn a new sport, while also meeting a new group of people at Halcyon Greens.

"We had never played it before, but we decided to give it a go before Christmas last year," Karl said.

"We were enjoying playing with a group of beginners and decided that we wanted to improve."

Karl said they had been playing with the Halcyon supplied bowls, but went and bought their own set of bowls, which gives them more consistency in their game.

"We thought our golfing days may come to an end, so we really wanted another sport we could get involved with," he said.

Karl said the Saturday twilight sessions were a fantastic way to spend the afternoon.

"They're a great group of people to mix with and it's nice to have a different group of friends outside of the golfers," he said.

"We look forward to getting better and spending more time on the green."