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Brian takes his love for trivia to the streets

May 30, 2020

THE Halcyon Lakeside community at Bli Bli on the Sunshine Coast won’t let anything stop their weekly trivia night, taking the game to the streets!

Brian Glennon, homeowner Halcyon Lakeside and trivia host, said after the social distancing laws came into effect, it meant they had to say goodbye to their usual popular Wednesday trivia nights.

“We wanted to be safe but stay connected as a community, and so street trivia was born!” Brian said.

“We all sit in our driveways with a chair, drinks and nibbles and play five rounds of trivia.

“It’s been a lot of fun so far, and something we’re all enjoying in the community.

“The best thing about playing trivia is it keeps your mind active, and it makes you think.

“I also love that if you’re not too good at a particular subject, there’s bound to be something you can score on,” Brian said.

Going from regular trivia to street trivia hasn’t come without its challenges for Brian, who said he had to put extra thought into how he compiled the questions.

“As we’re all playing from a distance and unable to talk, I made the answers multiple choice or true and false with all answering done via hand signals which are quite fun.

“There are five rounds of categories such as general knowledge, history, geography, food and drink and entertainment,” Brian said.

Street trivia is now gaining popularity, with other Halcyon neighbouring streets getting in on the action.

“By playing trivia, I hope we can all get some fresh air, have a laugh and stay connected as friends and neighbours.”

Brian hosted trivia nights at the local bowls club in Victoria before moving to Halcyon Lakeside in May 2019.

“It was a big move, and we looked at just about every lifestyle community before settling on Halcyon Lakeside,” Brian said.

“It’s been fantastic, and we love the lifestyle that Halcyon offers and exploring South East Queensland.

“We’ve made great friends and being part of a community really comes into its own during times like this.”


Play Trivia with Halcyon Lakeside

How many questions can you guess correctly? 


How many ships were in the First Fleet? a. 10, b. 11, c. 12, d. 15

What is the second-largest city in NSW? a. Wollongong, b. Newcastle, c. Dubbo

Who was Australia's longest living prime minister? a. Bob Hawke b. Gough Whitlam, c. Malcolm Fraser

Which of these real estate agencies did not originate in Australia? a. Ray White, b. LJ Hooker or c. Century 21

In global terms, by land area, how big is Australia? Is it: a. 4th largest, b. 5th largest, c. 6th largest

Music and Entertainment

Crowded House has won more ARIA awards than Midnight Oil? True or False

From which country did French horns originate? a. England, b. France, c. Germany

Who entered a contest to find his own look-alike and came third? a. Michael Caine, b. Elvis Presley, c. Charlie Chaplin

Who said "Losing my virginity was a career move”? a. Mae West, b. Lady Gaga, c. Madonna

How many strings does a mandolin have? a. 4, b. 6, c. 8


Laszio Biro invented the ball point pen? True or False

Ice cream cones were first eaten in which decade of the 20th century? a. 1900s, b. 1910s, c. 1920s

Only two men have walked on the moon? True or False

In which year did the Suez Canal open to traffic? a. 1848 b. 1869 c. 1898

What nationality was Christopher Columbus? a. Italian, b. Portuguese, c. Spanish

Sports and Games

The Olympic flag was used for the first time at the 1916 Games? True or false

Which chess piece cannot move diagonally? a. Rook b. King c. Bishop

How old is a horse when it changes from a filly to a mare? a. 3 years, b. 4 years. c. 5 years

Which former Formula1 champion has played golf in the Australian Open? a. Alan Jones, b. Jack Brabham, c. Nigel Mansell

What is the national sport of Canada? a. Ice Hockey, b. Lacrosse, c. Canadian football



1.           b. 11

2.           b. Newcastle

3.           b. Gough Whitlam (98 years)

4.           c. Century 21

5.           c. 6th after Russia, Canada, China, USA, Brazil

Music and Entertainment

6.           True. Crowded House (11-10)

7.           c. Germany

8.           c. Charlie Chaplin

9.           c. Madonna

10.        c. 8 strings


11.        True

12.        b. 1910s

13.        False. 12 American astronauts have

14.        b.1869

15.        a. Italian

Sports and Games

16.        False. 1920

17.        a. Rook

18.        b. 4 years

19.        c. Nigel Mansell

20.        b: Lacrosse