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Community living not only for you but your motorhome

Lock and Go
February 18, 2019

Living a ‘lock and go’ lifestyle is one we’ve all dreamt of… a ‘one-day’ mentality. The ability to lock up the house and go off on a whim, not having to worry about the bins, the mail, your pet or the security of your home… and let’s not talk about actually having the time to do this… I mean who is going to mow the lawns whilst you’re away?

And let’s not forget about when you get home, unpacking the van then having to drop it back to where it's stored. Well, now you live in a Halcyon community, these problems are a thing of the past. Living a ‘lock and go’ lifestyle is easy in a community. Here’s how:

1. We mow your lawn: no matter how long you're away from home, your front lawn will look perfect with our caretaker and groundsman mowing the general areas and front lawns of each home.

2. No need to worry about security: All our communities are gated with CCTV cameras and onsite management, so no need to worry about what’s happening at home whilst your off venturing.

3. We collect your mail: Make sure you let the Community Manager know that you're away and we will collect your mail for you. Or, we find that most homeowners neighbours are more than happy to collect mail, water the plants and other things whilst you are away.

4. What about the Pets? We find that most neighbours are more than happy to pet sit whilst your away, depending on how friendly your fluffy friend is.

5. Storing your van: Our communities have a convenient onsite caravan, motorhome, boat and trailer storage. The storage area is fully secure, passcode locked and is available for a small weekly fee.

6. Packing and unpacking the van: Our streets are wide enough for you to park your van or motorhome in front of your home two days before leaving and two days when you return to pack and unpack for your trip.

Living a lock and go lifestyle is easy. So, what are you waiting for?