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Community spirit puts spring in Jeanette’s recovery

Giving Back
July 27, 2018

The past year has certainly been a challenging one for Halcyon Landing homeowner Jeanette Savage and her husband Ian, but it has also highlighted the strong community spirit that surrounds them.

Jeanette was diagnosed with cancer in May last year and has been undergoing chemo treatment since then.

She had a further setback in October when she developed a brain bleed that required her to have surgery. Thankfully, this has been resolved.

Still receiving treatment for cancer, but on the road to recovery, Jeanette said she has been overwhelmed by the concern and help offered by friends, neighbours and staff at Halcyon Landing.

Homeowners have sent cards, flowers and have even delivered food to help out.

“One doesn't realise how many people do care and want to help until something like this happens,” Jeanette said.

“They aren't intrusive, but if one needs help, it is there.

“The community spirit and attitude have really lifted my spirits, it’s been rather amazing.”

Jeanette said the community response to her situation reinforced the positive impression that Halcyon has made on her since moving in more than four years ago.

“Living in the suburbs you may know your immediate neighbours but not much beyond that,” she said.

“People who I didn’t really know here have been there for me, it’s been fantastic.”

Despite the ups and downs of the past 12 months, the accomplished artist has been able to distract herself with her lifelong passion for painting.

Escaping to her art studio in the garage, Jeanette has recently completed a portrait for a friend and is working on a painting that will be a wedding gift for her grandson.

“It takes my mind off other things and I get lost in my own little world,” she said.

Some of Jeanette’s beautiful portraits have been displayed in Halcyon Landing’s art and craft room, and before her illness she was a sometime mentor for homeowners taking beginner art classes.

“It’s a great community because you can be as involved as you want to be or, if you want to be anonymous, you can be, if you want your privacy, that’s fine,” she said.

And while she’s had to put tennis on hold, Jeanette’s determined to start regaining her physical strength through regular sessions in the Rec Club gym and walks around the community.

“My aim to is get back to my peak level of fitness as I’m usually fairly fit person,” she said.

I’m a positive person, and things are getting better every day.”