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Giving Back
September 21, 2018

Hundreds of Halcyon homeowners have pitched in to raise almost $20,000 for Australia’s drought-affected farmers. Moved by the plight of those on the land, homeowners from our Gold Coast, Caboolture north and Sunshine Coast communities have opened their hearts and wallets to give generously.

Halcyon’s fundraising efforts were initiated and driven by homeowners at Halcyon Landing, Halcyon Lakeside, Halcyon Glades, Halcyon Greens, Vision by Halcyon and Halcyon Waters through events such as concerts, dinners and simply ‘passing the hat around’. Money raised will be distributed to the Queensland Drought Appeal, Buy a Bale of Hay, Aussie Helpers and the Queensland Country Women’s Association.

Halcyon Landing community manager Linda Studley said the current drought had struck an empathetic chord in the community where many homeowners have ties to agriculture. “We’ve got ex-farmers and people whose profession was in agriculture, so it has really hit a nerve with them and it means a lot for the community to do something like this,” Linda said.

Landing homeowner Trisha Taylor initiated the fundraising effort by passing around a donation tin at several community events. Meanwhile, more than 200 people at Halcyon Lakeside gathered for a ‘Parma for a Farmer’ fundraising dinner that was instigated by homeowners Alan and Heather Ogilvie. The couple was galvanised to help after seeing media reports of how hard the drought has hit rural communities.

“We decided we couldn’t just sit back and watch the disaster unfold,” Alan said. “There are lots of folk living at Lakeside who have been farmers or have family who are still farming, so it’s had a direct hit on us here. “From the moment we started planning ‘Parma for a Farmer’ it just kept building and it’s been both heart-warming and humbling to see what a community can do for others in need.”

Halcyon Glades homeowners also dined out for the drought, with more than 160 people attending the ‘Farma Fresh’ dinner which invited them to dress like a farmer and featured entertainment and raffles. The community’s Sow and Grow group also donated all the proceeds of its fresh vegie sales to the cause. Community manager Tracey Yeo said the evening’s success reflected the generous and selfless nature of Glades homeowners.

“They get behind so much and they are so generous,” she said. “It was really impressive, everyone was so upbeat and willing to pitch in.”

Vision by Halcyon tapped the deep musical talent of its homeowners to stage a drought relief concert that drew 110 people to the Leisure Club. Accomplished pianist and composer Keith Van Geyzel accompanied singers Clint Talbot and Alan Welsh, along with guest vocalist Lesley Hartz, for the Sunday afternoon concert followed by a sausage sizzle.

At Halcyon Waters, the Haltones singing group also hosted a Sunday afternoon concert for close to 70 people. And there’s more to come at Waters, with homeowner Jann Rigg organising a fundraising dinner on September 28. Regional community manager Renee Ferguson said Vision and Waters homeowners felt strongly about supporting struggling farmers through this difficult time.

“There’s a few people here who’ve come off the land themselves, and they are aware that we need those farmers to produce our food,” Renee said. “Homeowners want to help, and they have donated generously.”