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From FIFO to on-the-go – Ian’s new lease on life

Get Active
April 27, 2018

After decades of travelling thousands of kilometres to and from work, retired FIFO chef Ian Morrison is happy to stay put at Halcyon Greens.

Since moving to Greens with wife Leah in November, Ian’s Halcyon Days are filled with fun, friendship and new experiences.

It’s a welcome change of pace for Ian who was a chef at huge mining construction camps in remote areas of Australia for about 30 years.

“It’s been excellent,” Ian said of the first few months at Halcyon Greens.

“I love it, I think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done because of the community and the people here.

“It’s good to meet and greet the new people as they come in.”

As an enthusiastic swimmer, Ian has dived into the community’s weekly outing to aqua aerobics.

“I’ve been driving the community bus that takes everyone to aqua aerobics, and I’ve been doing it (aqua aerobics) myself.

“I like it because the body doesn’t have to take the punishment in the pool like it does with normal exercise, it’s much kinder on knees, shoulders and elbows.”

Ian also has more quality time with mad-keen golfer Leah, who spends three days a week on the neighbouring Gainsborough Greens Golf Course.

“She bought me six golf lessons with the club pro for Christmas and now I play a few times a week,” he said.

“I enjoy it and I have fun especially when we go out and have a hit together.

“I’m nowhere near her league. I’ve out-driven her a couple of times, but not very often.”

The chef’s apron has also come out of retirement with Ian the ‘designated driver’ of the community barbecue at Happy Hour each week.

“I don’t mind dabbling back into cooking,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to checking out the kitchen in the Recreation Club when it’s completed as I’m thinking of doing a regular Sunday roast for the community,” he said.

In the meantime, Ian and Leah are delighted to dine out at the spectacular new Gainsborough Greens Golf Clubhouse nearby.

“We’ve been going to the club for dinner and drinks,” he said.

“We can just walk there and don’t have to worry about getting booked for drink driving.”

It’s a long way from his 20-hour days in the mining camp kitchen and Ian appreciates having the time to relax, get active and meet new people.

“It’s been great to make new friends rather than just the people that you work with,” he said.

“People come here to thoroughly enjoy the rest of their lives and everyone I talk to is looking forward to it.

“It’s a different lifestyle and I’m really enjoying life.”