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Five signs your body is out of balance

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December 16, 2019
How healthy are you really?

You may eat well, exercise regularly and take time out to relax but are you missing tell-tale signs that stop you from feeling your best?

Five signs your body is out of balance:

  1. Can you walk five kilometres in one session?
  2. Is your stomach settled before or after eating?
  3. Do you sleep seven hours comfortably at night?
  4. Are you pain-free all the time?
  5. Can you sit calmly for 20 minutes?

If you said “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to consider taking proactive steps towards becoming healthier and happier.

Don't doctor 'Google' 
The biggest mistake people make is commencing their good health journey alone; sifting through hundreds of strategies, searching Google and attempting to build a life of wellness on their own.

This trial and error process becomes an endless circle and could see you running out of time, money, passion or faith in yourself. It’s important to see a health professional who can look at your overall health and make recommendations to put a plan in place.

Start with your mindset 
Mastering your mindset is a major game-changer for improved health and vitality. Start by releasing worrying and negative thoughts to discover calm, happy and positive energy.

I recommend three simple daily actions and reactions for better health and, ultimately, a more positive and calmer you.

  1. Repeat positive mindful affirmations such as “I know, accept and am true to myself.”
  2. Ask yourself “Does it really matter?” when things are not going well.
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of keeping a journal. Applying pen to paper can help express your feelings and create clarity within.

Top mindfulness Apps  

Teaches you how to meditate, breathe and live mindfully. It includes exercises on managing anxiety, stress relief, breathing, happiness and focus.

Provides daily micro-meditations of three minutes. A great introduction to the practice.

Plays different sound sensations that can be used to relax, fall asleep or meditate. Users can choose from falling rain, crackling fireplace or rainforest.

Charmaine Renaud is the author of How to Turn Off Your Negative Mind Chatter and was a guest speaker at our Fitness for your Wallet and Lifestyle Information Sessions in October 2019.

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