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Former army officer digs deep for his soldiers

Giving Back
November 01, 2020

Of the 125,000 military veterans living in Queensland, one-third are doing well while the remainder suffer mental health issues, substance abuse and thoughts of suicide.

Statistics former Army officer and Duntroon graduate, Halcyon Greens’ homeowner Russell Linwood finds utterly unacceptable, which is why he and wife Judy chose to support a Gold Coast based charity called Veterans Care with their recent Friends of Halcyon Referral donation.

“They are an organisation run by a friend of mine and they often are the difference between ex veterans ending their life prematurely or trying to make a go of it,” Russell said.

Veterans Care runs live-in camps and programs designed to support and nurture veterans, many of them struggling to make it to the end of each day.

“The money will help teach them the practical and psychological value of being loved and cared for by a society which deployed them to war.” he said.

“It gives them back purpose and the realisation that their lives are valuable.”

*Russell and wife Judy also kindly donated their entire Friends of Halcyon referral bonus.

Find out more about Veterans Care at

Find out more about the Friends of Halcyon Referral program here.