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Friends and family experience inspires donation

November 12, 2020

After being referred to Halcyon Greens by friends of over 30 years, new homeowners Helen and Ross Goodfellow chose to give to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

“We’ve been friends with Paul and Marie (Madeley) for more than 30 years, so we were excited to move into the community,” Helen said.

“We chose to donate to the Breast Cancer Foundation as we’ve had a number of friends and my cousin go through it,” she said.

“My cousin was diagnosed six years ago and she had all her lymph nodes removed, but she is doing OK.”

Helen said they were happy to help an organisation which funds research as well as helps sufferers and their families as they navigate their way through such an insidious disease.

“I have another friend who had breast cancer 15 years ago and has been clear, but recently has been diagnosed with brain cancer so it shows you that we just have to keep supporting these charities as much as we can.”

Find out more about the Friends of Halcyon Referral program here.