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Friends of Halcyon Referral program gives back to those in need

Giving Back
June 03, 2020

When Halcyon homeowner *Julie saw the young woman at Roma St Railway Station that day, she could tell she was struggling.

She was loaded up with cheap red and white bags you find in the discount store and she was pushing a stroller with a baby and carting a toddler up to the platform.

“I didn’t know it at the time but she was carrying all of her possessions in those bags, and there were a few railway workers who were helping her get everything onto the train,” Julie said.

“She got on the same carriage as me and I could hear her tell a few passengers that she was on her way to a women’s refuge in Nambour as her husband was violent and was a drug addict.”

Julie said it broke her heart to see this young woman have to go through something like this.

“For a woman to have to be in a situation in terror and there’s two little kids and there’s drugs in the house,” she said. “We’re just so lucky in our circumstances and at the time I wished I had a purse full of money to give to her to help her make a new start but of course we all carry cards around these days.”

Julie said she looked up the refuge in Nambour and tried to find the woman, but as these facilities have to be secret she couldn’t find her.

“That woman has stuck with me and as I’ve had two girlfriends and a male relative who was being abused by his wife, go through tough domestic violence situations, I really wanted to help however I could.”

So when Julie and her husband referred a friend to Halcyon, they used their Friends of Halcyon referral cheque to donate to Bella’s Sanctuary – a home Halcyon and Mirvac built on the Gold Coast to house women fleeing domestic violence situations.

“There’s really not enough of these type of places around to support women going through this so when we got the referral money, it was the first charity we thought of to support,” Julie said.

She said her friend had visited their home and was incredibly impressed and as soon as a home was available, they bought it and had moved in recently.

*Our homeowner would prefer to remain anonymous. Julie is not her real name.