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Gail and Lyle swap city stress for Parks life

March 23, 2018

Almost a year after leaving the hustle and bustle of Brisbane, Halcyon Parks home owners Gail and Lyle Lister are definitely not looking back.

Instead, they’re looking forward to their daily bike ride, relaxing walks on the beach and catching up with their neighbours on the front patio.

The couple made their favourite beach holiday destination their new home mid last year and plan to spend their 60s living it up at Caloundra.

No longer tied to maintaining a big family home and garden at Brackenridge, Gail and Lyle are embracing a more active and social way of life.

“We wanted to do this while we’re together and young enough,” she said of the move to Halcyon,” Gail said.

“We love going for walks and going to the beach and riding our bikes.

“At this point we’re not involved in regular activities, but we’ve been to a few events like trivia night and Australia Day where I volunteered to be the MC for the day.”

Gail said their new lifestyle was much more socially engaging.

“People actually have time to stand and have a chat,” she said.

“We have wonderful neighbours all around us and everyone has been so welcoming and respectful.”

Preferring to socialise from the comfort of his front patio, Lyle likes nothing more than to sit out there with a cuppa or a beer and chat with other home owners.

Lyle said enjoyed the friendliness of the Halcyon Parks neighbourhood.

“I hate the feeling of being lonely,” he said.

“I could talk the leg off a chair and I just love having a ‘blokey’ talk out the front about cars and aeroplanes.”

Lyle also appreciates the sense of security that comes with living in a friendly gated community.

“If you want to go for a walk later in the evening, you feel safe,” he said.

“I didn’t feel like we could do that at Brackenridge.”

Another highlight is the community’s lake area and the wildlife it attracts.

“We see curlews with their babies wandering the streets and there’s also the black swans who come up to you at the lake,” said Lyle. “You don’t get that in suburbia.”