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Gardeners give generous gift at Halcyon Waters

August 05, 2020

Nature-loving couple help keep their neighbourhood blooming. 

There is one universal truth across Halcyon – our homeowners take incredible pride in their gardens.

There are many beautiful streets but for those who live on Commodore Drive at Halcyon Waters, they have a secret weapon.

Glen and Elaine Schultz are selfprofessed nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts who in the past two years have taken on the responsibility of many of the gardens in their street. “We do 14 hedges and gardens in our street,” Glen said.

“About two years ago we talked to each person and asked them if they needed help as we have some people who are unable to do it themselves, so we do their backyards as well.”

Elaine said they got a lot of satisfaction out of helping their neighbours, who she said were always very grateful. “We do their gardens as we would our own,” she said. The couple have lived at Halcyon Waters for 11 years and said they had always had a keen interest in gardening.

“We love plants and spending time outdoors and the colours are spectacular,” Elaine said.

The pair work as a team with Elaine doing the raking, weeding and clean-up while Glen does most of the heavy hedge work.

“It keeps us busy, it keeps us fit and it gets us out into the sunshine,” Glen said. “We love to see the joy in people’s faces, it gives us a lot of satisfaction.”