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Halcyon Lakeside homeowners tackle schoolyard bullying

June 03, 2020

The group of homeowners designed, built and painted a ‘buddy bench’, a place for children to go if they’re feeling sad or alone and want someone to play with.

Buddy benches are making their way across Australian schools, with a proven track record of providing a place where children will recognise when another child is upset. Halcyon homeowners were on hand to help unveil the Buddy Bench in early March, making the nightly news and local newspapers.

Halcyon Lakeside Community Manager, Donna Osborne, said the Buddy Bench was created using the community’s work shed and art room facilities. “We’ve got very highly skilled homeowners at Lakeside and this was an amazing opportunity to come together as a community to help combat bullying,” Donna said.

“Our homeowners have made a real difference at the school and it goes to show the generosity within our communities.”

The brains behind the Buddy Bench, homeowner Tim Wogan, said it was an amazing opportunity to do something for their neighbouring school.

“It’s a worthwhile thing to do for the kids, and the school,” Tim said.

“There’s plenty of expertise in the Halcyon Lakeside community, so if we can help the school that’s terrific.”

College principal Greg Myers said he was proud to implement the Buddy Bench initiative.

“The buddy bench is an important part of making sure that our young people always have someone they can go to if they’re feeling down and not making friends easily,” Myers said.

Year four student, Asha Oliver, helped unveil the Buddy Bench and said it would help classmates if they’re feeling lonely.

“If you’re feeling lonely and you want to play with someone, I think it’s a great place to sit,” Asha said.

“I hope the other kids come and say, ‘play with me, I was going to come and sit on the buddy bench too."