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Halcyon Landing's 'First Lady' of line dancing

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September 13, 2020

After a career as a teacher, Glenice Robertson thought she had retired but her friends had other ideas.

Words: Glenice Robertson

I joke that I “fell into” teaching line dancing because there was no-one else around to take on the job.

I had been line dancing for 16 years when I moved into Halcyon Landing in 2014 and I quickly organised other homeowners to form a group, recruiting a teacher from an external dance school.

The professional taught the group well, but she was not able to continue long term and I volunteered to take over. The rest, as they say, is history and more than five years later I am still teaching the thriving Line Dance Activity Group.

Each time the Halcyon Social Group has held Country and Western themed nights, more interest has been generated in line dancing, and I’ve taken on two new beginner groups over the past four years. As everyone has mastered the basic skills, we have now blended the groups together.

Everyone enjoys the great vibe of seeing the dance floor full and for us all to be moving in the same direction at once. Of course, in our classes there are no mistakes in the dance routines – just variations!

After more than 30 years of teaching deaf children I use these teaching skills to plan and implement each class. I am a member of the Queensland Line Dance Association, and I’m aided by my husband Terry, who has been nicknamed the Musical Director by the group.

Terry downloads all the music for the dances, sources a variety of alternative music as well as finding appropriate YouTube dance clips which are sent out to class members with each new dance taught.

Terry began line dancing with the group when it started in 2014, although he wishes he had taken it up with me when I first started in Hervey Bay 16 years ago. He is not the only man in the group, and although they are outnumbered they are equally as keen and enthusiastic as the ladies.

Two years ago, we collectively designed our own special shirts to reflect the group’s enthusiasm and fundamental attitude to their line dancing.

The shirts read: “Life is better when you line dance - count me in!” It is a real spectacle to see “the parade of shirts” filtering along the streets as participants make their way to the Rec Club for dancing each Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning.

It has been a great privilege and a real joy for me to share my love of line dancing with so many homeowners at Halcyon Landing. I’m incredibly proud of the success everyone in the group has achieved.


1. Line dancing presents itself as the perfect form of exercise for over 50s.

2. It provides the benefits of an aerobic workout which helps maintain a healthy heart.

3. It develops concentration and memory skills.

4. It provides a platform for participants to get involved in a social environment which is great for mental wellness.