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Halcyon Rise: The earlybird gets the worm at Logan Reserve

September 13, 2020

Pioneer homeowners looking forward to building new community foundations

Being foundation homeowners at Halcyon is an incredibly lucky position to be in as it is an opportunity to mould and create the identity and spirit of the new community from the very beginning.

There are also a number of opportunities for a new community’s foundation homeowners to meet and connect before the moving van arrives at their new home.

These four Halcyon Rise “pioneers” had the chance to spend some time together, and discovered they have a lot in common besides being new neighbours.

Helen and Roger Lang had been church pastors during their working lives, while Gary and Jan Wilkins currently have a son studying in seminary school to become a pastor.

“It was such a nice connection to have,” Roger said.

“Jan said their grandkids are at Westside Christian School and we’ve had a lot to do with that school over the years.”

Roger said as well as being able to stay close to their social network, there were financial benefits to buying at Rise.

“It really helped us financially be being able to take advantage of the earlybird deals on offer,” he said.

“We’re ‘people people’ so we’re really looking forward to being able to move in and welcome everyone who moves to the community.”