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Halcyon Rise is perfect for longtime Logan resident

August 19, 2021

After 36 years in her family home, Debbie Denton found herself living alone, and while she was able to maintain the large house with its sizeable yard and pool, she was considering downsizing.

“I started thinking about making my life a little easier and wondering about my next move,” she explained.

“I could have moved to a smaller house with a smaller yard, but I’d still be living alone, so I started looking into over 50s communities.”

A longtime Logan resident, Debbie who still works full-time, was drawn to Halcyon Rise’s location between Brisbane and the Gold Coast and its proximity to where her two daughters live.

“It’s tucked away in a beautiful private area but close to the Brisbane CBD as well,” she said.

Debbie visited a few different developments, but it was Halcyon’s house and yard designs as well as the recreational facilities on offer that prompted her to sell the family home and move to Halcyon Rise.

“I just loved everything about Halcyon – the house, the designs, the whole concept, everything,” she enthused.

“I went to a few developments, and I didn’t feel happy in any of them, but I felt happy here – that’s what sold me on Halcyon.

“Why wait until I’m older or retired? At Halcyon Rise, I can still go to work and enjoy everything it has to offer.”

“I’m excited to design my own house and happy to move on from the family home to something new.”

Debbie sold her house in just two days and has moved in with her daughter while her house is completed, however she has already become a part of the Halcyon Rise community.

“While I wait for my house to be built, I’m coming along to happy hour and have been to several functions, had a great time and met some lovely people – Halcyon does a great job of looking after everybody and bringing everyone together,” she said.

“I’m not even living at Halcyon Rise and I’m already part of the community – I hope to be part of everything that happens around here.”