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Halcyon’s helping hands help hospital patients

Giving Back
August 06, 2021

Cancer patients at Gold Coast University Hospital have been gifted an enormous number of handmade woolen beanies and chemotherapy tote bags from the caring and talented crafters at Halcyon Greens.

The talented ladies answered the call to help cancer patients receiving treatment in the hospital’s Oncology Unit, providing 480 knitted beanies and 225 chemotherapy tote bags.

With no pattern available, they created their own template, provided their own fabrics and  began churning out beautiful, colorful chemo bags, which are affectionately known as Chemo-Babies.

They play an essential role in allowing the patient to return home while still being infused with chemotherapy. After receiving their initial infusion in hospital, it continues via a trickle feed port into the patient’s chest. The Chemo-Baby bags, hold the infusion bottle, providing a mobile tote bag for the 24-hours the chemo bottle is attached. 

The beanies assist patients in keeping warm as they often become affected by a chill in body temperature while they are receiving treatment. The beanies assist in stabilising temperature loss, providing warmth and comfort to the patient.

With each delivery of the bags and beanies, the staff at GCUH are incredibly grateful for the comfort the bags and beanies will provide to their patients.

Oncology Unit Nursing Manager Debbie said while the current lockdown was a worrying time for everyone, it is especially dangerous for chemo patients.

“Currently, they cannot have their support person with them during chemotherapy as they are always worried about any infection, not just COVID,” she said.

“The bags and beanies are a lovely warm hug and a message to tell them ‘you are not alone’."

“It really means so much. Thank you Halcyon Helping Hands."

Greens’ homeowner Helen Hoffman thanked the large team of homeowners who helped to create this precious gift.

Thank you for your generous hearts,” she said. “If anyone would like to get involved, we can plan for our next delivery to take place at the end of January next year.”




Note:  The beanies now provide warmth and comfort to three major Gold Coast organisations including  oncologypPatients at GCUH. “Helping the Homeless” at Southport and the women and children being helped by DV Connect.