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Hitting the ‘green trifecta’ at Halcyon Greens

August 03, 2020

Making the move to Halcyon Greens in Pimpama has allowed the Blundells to get one step closer to their aim of having a carbon-zero footprint.

The couple have a Tesla battery wall, 5kw of solar panels on their roof which has been constructed with sustainable and energy efficient materials such as Hebel and to cap it off – they also own a Tesla car.

Ross Blundell said Halcyon’s focus on building energy efficient communities, as well as finding a place which would suit their active lifestyle, was a huge factor for he and wife Allison when buying a home at Halcyon Greens.

“Owning a new home with all the sustainable features we consider important, the beautiful outlook over the golf course, and the many amenities and opportunities, such as tennis court, workshed, gym and swimming pools,” he said.

“We also protect the environment through sharing facilities rather than owning things individually. “For example we can borrow tools from the workshed, utilise the vegetable garden and as living here allows for less travelling with so many facilities on-site.”

Ross said their energy output had been substantially reduced since moving into their home, which overlooks the Gainsborough Greens golf course.

“Previously our daily electricity usage averaged around 11.0 kWh per day, now we are averaging around 1.0 kWh per day,” he said.

“The cost comparison isn’t simple because we also had solar in our previous home with a very good feedin rate, however our average daily cost was $1.00 per day compared to a credit of $2.70 per day at Halcyon Greens.”

Ross said buying the Model 3 Performance Tesla, a “red one because everyone knows red goes faster” was a no-brainer and completed their “green trifecta”.

"We are both sick of supporting the fossil fuel industry that is destroying our planet and polluting the atmosphere,” he said.

Allison added: “A large part of Ross’ working life was developing sustainable energy projects which was a large motivator from the early 2000’s to own a sustainable vehicle.

“We strive to have a zero-carbon footprint and to be socially responsible in everything we do. “And quieter vehicles make for more livable communities.”

Their Tesla 3 is an all-wheel drive sedan 5-star safety rating, minimalist and comfortable interior with a totally flat cabin floor, excellent performance from its torque and rapid acceleration.

“Perhaps the most practical advantage of the Tesla is its expected reliability and longevity owing to its simpler drive train which does not require regular maintenance and major repair expenses including our first service is not due for three years,” he said.

“It also has some quirky features like a fireplace, karaoke and fart mode, which the granddaughters think is hilarious.”

The pair are thrilled at their new life at Greens, citing the caring people they have met, the safety and security of the community and exploring new hobbies and interests we would not have had access to.

“Life at Halcyon Greens brings a sense of peace and quietness not found in the suburbs,” Allison said. “It also provides a safe and inviting environment for grandchildren, which was a very important factor in choosing Halcyon Greens.”