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It's been six years since Karin and Kurt Stache made their move to Halcyon Waters, and they still feel like they’re on holidays.

That’s exactly how Karin described life just after they arrived in late 2011. And with so much packed into the past six years, Karin says that first impression has not changed one bit.

“You become younger here,” Karin said.

“It really is like always being on holidays.

“People are always telling me that I look much younger than my actual age.”

Before Halcyon they lived on acreage at Redland Bay and were heavily involved in a craft co-operative.

“There were days when we didn’t even see our neighbours,” Karin said.

“We never went out socially because we were so busy with the co-op and didn’t have time for anything else.”

They agree their lives have been transformed by the social and recreational opportunities, friendly neighbours and strong sense of community at Halcyon Waters.

Kurt, 80, plays pool regularly and has become a competitive lawn bowler since moving in, while Karin, 79, hits the gym three times a week “to get the joints moving”, plays indoor bowls and goes to bingo.

Karin’s also an enthusiastic socialiser and a strong supporter of Happy Hour each Friday.

“We are 100 per cent more social here than when we lived in Redland Bay,” she said.

“I love the social life because I’m a social person.

“If we were still at our old home I think we’d be bored to tears.”

The couple have just completed cruise number nine and are preparing to take off on their sixth road trip with the community’s Getaway Group.

Karin said they had never been on a cruise until they joined the Waters community.

“It really started when we moved in here and everybody was going cruising,” she said.

“We did our first cruise to New Zealand and we’ve never looked back.

“We’ve caught the cruising bug.”

They were among 16 Waters home owners who cruised to NZ in 2016, and most recently they returned from a cruise around Asia with Karin’s BFF - best friend forever - Di Hotson and her husband Rob, who also live at Waters.

And in January the Staches were surprised and delighted when their Halcyon friends started turning up at their home to celebrate Kurt’s 80th birthday.

“We’re not people who’ve ever liked throwing parties, but our daughter organised it as a surprise and we had about 30 people turn up, including Jan from Halcyon who sold us the house,” Karin said.

“It was a great celebration. The people here are so good to us, and so friendly.

“We really do have good health and I think it’s all the social things that keep your mind and body active.”