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How to throw a lifestyle community street party

January 30, 2020
By Anne Diamond, Vision by Halcyon homeowner

Many homeowners moved into the community at around the same time, so there was a group of us looking to connect with neighbours and other people in the community.

Our street parties started by having sundowners at Cockatoo Corner, the nickname we have for the bend in our street.

In the process of getting to know people, we discovered at least seven of us are November babies, which is the genesis of what has now become our annual major street event.

There have been several great nights over the years since then, however now they have gone from a spontaneous catch-up to an organised soiree.

As dedicated Chief Party Organiser, I will door knock everyone and try and get a date which suits, which can sometimes be very difficult. We’re all very busy!

I then create a spreadsheet and assign different food for everyone to bring as there’s nothing worse than having everyone bring a salad or a dessert, so I make sure we’re covered for dessert, meat, nibblies as well as other party food. Of course, there’s always a communal punch, which can often be incredibly lethal. 

A contingency plan for rainy weather is always a good idea, so a friendly neighbour may donate their garage for the occasion – which can often turn out to be a dance floor.

While the parties are always fun, they’re a great representation of the goodwill and friendships throughout our community at Vision by Halcyon.

There are many events throughout the year, including a men’s breakfast held once a month where they get together and talk. There’s also a women’s lunch, which is normally in January.

Whether someone is new to the Gold Coast or they’re looking for advice or a recommendation, we all have mutual support for one another.

That community connection and engagement is what really makes  the true Halcyon spirit. 

Vision by Halcyon annual street party Anne Diamond
Vision by Halcyon homeowner Anne Diamond

My tips for planning a street party

1. Doorknock the neighbourhood
2. Agree on a date
3. Prepare a spreadsheet with all the catering details
4. Assign who is going to bring what food so there is a good mix of sweet and savoury
5. BYO drinks, although a communal punch is always fun
6. Organise music - create a party playlist from Spotify

7. Have a contingency plan for inclement weather
8. Enjoy