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IT guru keeps Halcyon Lakeside connected

November 18, 2020

Paul Rogers loves helping his fellow homeowners with technology challenges

Words by Paul Rogers

It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to help my fellow homeowners navigate the sometimes seemingly daunting world of technology.

I am an electronics engineer and I’ve lived in the Bli Bli community for three years, and for the last two have been heavily involved in managing and improving the internal website.

I’ve always had a strong interest in technology and have always found ways to use computers to help make my job and life easier.

Assisted by two other homeowners, Richard Wetton and Noel McGilvray, we manage the website. I spend around one day per week working on it and have also been building its functionality.

We had initially started with registrations for social events, but then extended the capability to include other activities like fitness classes in the gym.

When COVID hit, this capability proved to be very useful in limiting class sizes and recording attendees without additional paperwork.

Most of my website work is done from my home office, as I have three computer screens. However, I’m often asked to help out within the community and I also make ‘house calls’, where I go and help people in their homes.

Normally it’s one or two calls per week where I help to sort out email problems or assist with access to the community website and facility booking system.

I also maintain Classifieds, Lost or Found, and Community Maintenance Request webpages. I love technology and I believe it is an excellent way to promote communication within the community, as well as being an efficient way of conducting business.

My aim is to get more people involved in the community by making it easier for them to participate in group activities and to register for social or community events.

There is sometimes a barrier to learning, so I really enjoy being able to sit down, walk them through the steps until they get comfortable with it, they’re then very appreciative and that’s very rewarding.

I have also developed a number of interface applications for the system including one which links the event registration portal with the cashless point of sale system at the Recreation Club’s bar.

Being involved in this way is great for me as it keeps the grey matter active.