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Get Active
February 20, 2019

Kate Markey’s busy and active lifestyle is even easier to live since she moved to the Halcyon Glades lifestyle community at Caboolture.

On top of putting many activities she loves right on her doorstep, the move has opened the door to a more social life. 

The former arts and craft teacher paints, plays pickleball, enjoys yoga and Tai Chi, hits the gym and is a regular in the pool. In fact, her love of aquatic action was a key factor in her decision to move from a townhouse in suburban Zillmere to a new home at Halcyon Glades.

“In Brisbane I went to the local swimming pool three times a week and I just got tired of all the driving,” she said. “I wanted to live somewhere where I just pick up my towel, go down the road and jump in the pool. “I’ve started playing pickleball, which is good fun and a lot of people here play it so there’s always a game going.

“Having everything close so I don’t have to drive has been a big thing that I really enjoy about being here. “ The move to Halcyon Glades also worked for Kate geographically and financially.

“I decided that this was the best value for what I wanted and my budget,” she said. “Even though it’s not in Brisbane, Caboolture is great.  it’s not all that far away from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast where my family lives. 

“I’ve moved a lot during my life and it was pretty difficult at my age to sell the house and clean it all up and downsize. “But because I’ve moved so often, I thought ‘well it’s another adventure’ and off I went.”

And as a single lady, Kate was pleased to discover that there were plenty of others living on their own at Halcyon Glades. “There’s other singles here and they’re friendly,” she said. “We have our get-togethers and we mix with the other home owners as well. “When walking the streets, I always meet up with somebody.”

Kate has also brought a new dimension to the Halcyon Glades community by instigating a creative writing group. The group meets twice a month in the Rec Club. “I’ve always been a writer and I thought there might be people here who would be interested, and there were,” she said. “We’ve had some wonderful stories so far.

“Several of our members are interested in writing their family history, which I’m doing as well. “It brings great comfort to write things down that might be of interest to our children and grandchildren.”

“It’s an opportunity to get it written and read it out to people and see the reaction. “We all help each other and try to give each other useful feedback.” Kate has also found kindred spirits when it comes to getting out and about in nature.

“We have a very keen walking group here,” she said. “We’re discovering new places all the time. It’s wonderful in the winter because we go to the beach and up to the mountains, which is something I enjoy. “Usually we walk for an hour and then stop to have coffee, and we all look forward to that.”

While Kate enjoys her own company, she enjoys mixing with friends and neighbours. “I think it’s good for me to move into more group situations,” she said. “The people here are very friendly and everyone seems to know my name.”