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Looking for a lifestyle move - how to choose the right living options?

How To
September 11, 2018

No doubt you’ve spent many a night pondering over your future living options, with a glass of your favourite red in hand… Deciding on where you are going to live is one of the biggest decisions in your life, going with your gut might be an option for some, but for a more conservative approach to the decision-making process, breaking things down really helps.

What is important to you? Do you want to be near your friends and family? Do you want a complete start over? Do you want to be by the water? Do you want to wake up to the sounds of galahs?

Is the over 50s lifestyle community close to relatives and friends (if this is your priority)? If you’re still working, is it within reasonable proximity to your workplace? Can you easily get to places that are important to you, like the beach, golf course, fishing spots? Is there easy access to local shopping centres, medical and public transport?

Have you spoken to your family and friends? Do you have friends that have made the move to an over 50s lifestyle community? What about financial advice, from a financial perspective would a move now be good for your future?

What level of security do you feel you require? Does living in a gated community offer you a high level of comfort? What kind of home security system is offered in an over 50s lifestyle community? If you are away, will your home and belongings be secure?

Home and community up-keep
Have you reached the stage in your life where doing mountains of home maintenance is just not in your top 50 things you would like to be doing list? Yes me too! So what kind of maintenance and caretaking is offered at the community? What allowances are available for gardening and veggie planting? If you require maintenance within the home, who looks after that?

Building and design
Do you still want to live in a house? Do you anticipate having many visitors, will there be room for them to stay and where will they park when they do stay? Will you want a small animal to keep you company? When you’re not using your caravan, is there room to store it? Are you a MasterChef that needs a huge kitchen?

Have you been doing laps in the pool every morning for 25 years? Do you want to have a huge suite of choices for recreational activities? Is it important to you that there are lots of different hobby and interest groups available for you to join? Can you have a movie night in a cinema without leaving the community?

Would living in an over 50s lifestyle community better suit your financial situation? What are the costs (upfront and ongoing) involved with living in this type of environment? Is there any government assistance available to you?

Long-term plans
What happens when you want to sell your home? Is there an option to move to an affiliated aged care facility when the time comes?

Then it comes to the day that you actually decide to make the move into a retirement community or over 50s community. There’s no looking back now this is just the beginning, as the saying goes, 50 is the new 40 and you have so much to look forward to!

Halcyon is Australia's most awarded developer of over 50s lifestyle communities helping Australians reset their lives. Delivering well-considered communities, designed for both connectivity and privacy, Halcyon makes it easy for our homeowners to connect with others who have a similar outlook on life.