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Lyn Young and her 'tribe' of grandkids

August 17, 2018

Meet Jack (6), Sam (3), Ava (7) and Gwen (8), four of Vision by Halcyon home owner Lyn Young’s 12 grandchildren who visit her at the waterfront community in Hope Island.

From ‘MasterChef’ feasts and popcorn-filled movie nights to casting off for an aquatic adventure in the community’s boat, the kids have a ball with an almost endless list of things to do at Nana’s.

“My grandchildren are what keep me going,” Lyn said of the kids’ regular visits.

Lyn’s grateful for Vision’s 5-star leisure facilities, not only for herself but also for the grandkids, who can enjoy a resort-style experience when they come over. There’s no shortage of fun recreational options, and that’s a great advantage as grandparents are relied upon more than ever to help with childcare.

And some wonderful new friendships have blossomed for the kids, who have met other visiting grandchildren in the community. Ava and Gwen are now the best of friends with Ellie (9) and Mia (6), the granddaughters of Nana’s neighbour, Judy Brooks.

How often do you visit/stay over?

Ava and Gwen: We see her every second week. Once or twice a month.

Jack and Sam: We had a sleepover last night at Nana’s and watched Peter Rabbit. Nana Lyn also helps with school pick-ups and drop-offs each week.

What are you favourite things to do when you visit Nana?

Jack: I like to ride my scooter to the pool and go for a swim. And playing with my cars and building blocks.

Sam: Colouring in and riding my scooter.

Ava: Nana did a ‘MasterChef’ night where we cooked a nice dinner together and I set the table. We also have fun with our friends Ellie and Mia.

Gwen: We cooked a Salmon Fettucine with salad and it was lots of fun.

Nana Lyn: One of the things the kids really enjoying is riding their scooters and bikes to and from the Leisure Club. They all love the pool and the spa and will hang out there the whole afternoon. We even hosted a cinema night and sausage sizzle for the grandchildren a while back, which was a great success.