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Lynne and Trevor take the plunge at Halcyon Lakeside

May 22, 2019

A whirlwind romance that started over an online word game has blossomed into marriage with a beautiful wedding at Halcyon Lakeside’s Recreational Club.

Surrounded by family, friends and fellow home owners, Lynne Shields, 60, and Trevor Renn, 63, signed, sealed and celebrated their partnership on Saturday 2 March.

It was the third wedding ever held in a Halcyon community, and Lynne said they had plenty of neighbourly support in pulling their big day together.

“You forget how much organisation a wedding takes,” she laughed.

“A lot of our friends here helped us out with the wedding; so many putting up the decorations, setting up the reception, another did a wonderful job putting the bouquets together and we had a friend just a few doors down do the photography for us.

“Others volunteered to help on the bar and serve drinks, and at least nine helped the caterer in the kitchen. They all did an amazing job.”

Another friend, former dance coach Dennis Sheehan, gave Trevor and Lynne some waltzing lessons in the lead-up to the wedding while the community’s choir, the Lakeside Singers, made a surprise appearance during the ceremony.

“I organised the choir to sing ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ as a surprise for Trevor because he had just turned 63 on the Thursday before,” Lynne said.

“They just appeared and sang in full voice, which was lovely.”

Lynne was thrilled her dad Alan Jorgensen, 87, was able to walk her down the aisle and that her two-year-old granddaughter Ava was the flower girl.

The weather gods also played a part by bestowing an auspicious omen on the ceremony.

“There was a little bit of a shower and just as we held hands, a double rainbow appeared, so we were very lucky,” Lynne said.

Double rainbows are believed to be a symbol of good fortune and transformation in life.

Trevor and Lynne certainly consider themselves lucky with their wedding coming 12 months after they first connected online.

“We started chatting and over a few weeks we got to know one other pretty well on long phone calls – we learnt a lot about each other, and got on so well; we just clicked,” Lynne said.

“We were surprised how well we got on so early; we were so comfortable with each other.
“So then we thought we better meet.”

Within weeks, Trevor had flown to the Sunshine Coast from Sydney to meet Lynne in person.
“With the messaging and the phone calls we got to know each other fairly well without being distracted by the physical side of things,” he said.

“We were 1000km apart and when we did finally meet it was the final bit and it all worked out.

“Although we had seen photographs of each other, my first impression of her in person was ‘wow’.”

From there the new couple planned several holidays, including a seven-week jaunt through England and Ireland, and a week in the Maldives.

They also decided to live together, with Trevor leaving Sydney to move into Halcyon Lakeside with Lynne.

The rest, as they say, is history, and Lakeside’s newlyweds are still playing the game that brought them together.

“We’re still very competitive but Trevor’s probably got the edge because he plays Words with Friends a bit more than me,” Lynne laughed.

“He even helps me out with words when I’m playing him.”