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Make a splash with these aqua aerobics exercises

Get Active
February 19, 2020

Don’t let the summer heat get in the way of exercise

Aqua aerobics is the perfect exercise to increase muscle strength, burn calories, reduce muscle pressure and increase flexibility. Not to mention, a great way to start the day! Grab your swimmers and head to the pool with these go-to aqua aerobics exercises from Amy Broadway, personal trainer at Halcyon Landing and Halcyon Lakeside.

Equipment needed for Aqua Aerobics: Pool noodle and two light dumbbells

Walk up and down the pool (or until you can no longer touch the ground). For added resistance, hold a pool noodle above your head. Complete for five minutes.

Cardio – Legs, buttocks and hips
Place the pool noodle behind your back and under the armpits for buoyancy, then lie on your side and flutter-kick the legs, moving up and down the length of the pool. This will raise your heart rate while toning and strengthening the legs, buttocks and hips. Complete for five minutes.

Strength - Upper body
Using a pair of dumbbells, alternate pushing them down under the water and then lifting them back up in front of the body, trying to keep the upper arms from moving too much. Complete for 30 seconds followed by a rest. Repeat three times. This will strengthen and tone the shoulders, biceps and triceps.

Core strength – abdominals
Lift your feet off the ground so you’re treading water and hold the dumbbells in each hand out to the side with straight arms. Move the legs and torso together from side to side using the strength of the core. Perform the exercise for 30 seconds followed by a rest. Repeat three times.

Full body stretch
Standing with both feet on the ground, hold the noodle out in front of you. Round the shoulders to slowly stretch the upper back, then move the noodle back over your head to stretch the shoulders and chest. This movement should be performed slowly. If you don't feel much of a stretch, try moving your grip on the noodle a little closer towards the centre.