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More Australians seek a life with style in retirement

March 04, 2020

Lifestyle communities have experienced significant growth over the past few years as more Australians recognise their appeal - being more like a luxury holiday resort than a retirement village.

Halcyon joint managing director Dr Bevan Geissmann said lifestyle communities are an excellent choice for active and healthy people in the early stages of their retirement, or for those over 50s who are maybe in the transition stage.

“They’ve closed the work and child-rearing chapters of their lives to embrace some serious ‘me time’,” Dr Geissmann said.

“Whereas retirement villages are about care and companionship, we’re more like resorts - it’s fun and all about enjoying yourself.

“We design and create our communities to meet the high expectations of this generation, who are more focussed on lifestyle and luxury than their parents were in retirement.

“They also insist on quality and want good value for their hard-earned money.” 

By offering a simpler financial structure than retirement villages, and the ability for eligible residents to claim rent assistance,

Manufactured Home Estates (MHEs) can make retirement more comfortable on the cash front.

How does the MHE model work?

Under the MHE model, residents purchase their home and then rent the land on which their dwelling sits.

They don’t pay stamp duty, exit fees or deferred management fees, and keep all the capital gains when they sell.

What type of homes do lifestyle communities offer? 

There’s different home designs to suit individual needs. Ranging from two to three-bedroom homes, two bathroom, study nooks, entertaining areas, and large kitchens.

Is there stamp duty on my purchase?

No, there is no stamp duty payable on the purchase of your home.

If I sell my house down the track, are there exit fees?

When you sell a Halcyon home all capital gains are yours and there are no exit fees.

What are the homes built from?

Key elements of our house construction are Hebel cladding and steel framing. Hebel cladding is an aerated concrete product which when rendered, and along with our Colorbond roof, provides a very contemporary look.

Hebel Powerpanel is a CSR product and has been selected for its cyclone rating, acoustics and insulation qualities.

Our houses are steel-framed which we believe provides a superior solution to timber framing.

Are homes protected against termites?

All homes are protected from termites in accordance with local council building regulations and Australian Standards.

Our homes are constructed with steel framing for added peace of

What does the weekly site fee cover?

Your weekly site fees include community facilities, local council rates, water charges in some communities and any government charges.

Are rentals permitted at Halcyon?

No, only owner-occupiers are permitted. There are no rentals.

Can you own a pet in a lifestyle community?
It is well recognised that pets help to improve the quality of life for many homeowners and as such Halcyon under certain circumstances welcomes pets. There is a pet approval process in place and acceptance of a pet is based on the best interest of the pet and the general community.