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Northern Gold Coast’s own wildlife sanctuary

April 18, 2019

A major new ecological habitat spanning more than 58 hectares has been created on the northern Gold Coast by one of Australia’s leading environmental experts. 

Habitat’s Matt Keys has transformed a tired cow paddock into a thriving ecosystem at Gainsborough Greens in Pimpama, adjacent to lifestyle community Halcyon Greens. 

The region is now regarded as one of the most ecologically diverse areas on the Gold Coast and home to koalas, kangaroos, gliders, eagles, owls and dozens of bird species. 

Mr Keys said that careful planning and design started 15 years ago to create a dual function for the Gainsborough Greens community, preserving animal habitats and welcoming new species. 

“After 15 years, the results are really showing, and Gainsborough Greens has an abundance of plant and animal life, surpassing any manmade wildlife sanctuary the Gold Coast has seen before,” Mr Keys said. 

“In fact, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary staff collect leaves to feed their Koalas from the 50,000 gum trees at Gainsborough Greens.” 

Mr Keys said planting tens of thousands of food trees seem to be having the desired affect with the “teddy bears” and lots of other wildlife. 

“Over time, 3.5 million new native plants have grown, creating a fully functioning native ecosystem. 

“We’ve created a protected sanctuary where wildlife can not only survive but thrive, and so they are naturally drawn to the area,” he said. 

Mr Keys said Halcyon Greens is quite literally in the centre of this wildlife sanctuary. 

“It quite literally is a case of living in the centre of a purpose designed 300-hectare wildlife sanctuary,” he said. 

“It’s not unusual to see kangaroos, black swans and sea hawks when driving into Halcyon Greens, and upon closer look there’s dozens of other species to spot.” 

“Halcyon Greens is set to launch its next stage of homes in coming weeks, which will offer the private wildlife sanctuary as its backdrop,” said Halcyon’s joint managing director Bevan Geissmann. 

“Halcyon Greens is surrounded by beauty, with homes encapsulated by the Gainsborough Greens Golf Course, serene nature-lands and an abundance of wildlife,” Dr Geissmann said.