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Over 50 and making new friends ....

August 25, 2017

Do you ever watch your grandchildren in the playground making new friends? They find a kid who looks roughly the same age, enter the playground and start playing with that kid, that’s it, it is all so easy! As we get older it’s a little more complicated to just walk up to people and start a conversation let alone strike up a friendship.

Our lives these days are so busy with work and family that when we do find ourselves with some spare time we realise that we don’t have anyone to play with! Well rest assured there are a few things you can do that entertain you and bring people together. Here’s a few ideas you could get on board with, you never know you may find yourself a BFF!

Offering your time to something you’re passionate about means that you are far more likely to meet others who share your passion and what better conversation starter do you need then talking about why you are offering your time? All of our over 50s communities are very active in offering their time back in to the community, to anything from doing canteen duty in a local school to running in marathons for worthy causes. 

Hobby groups
Same as volunteering – joining a hobby group means that you are joining people who enjoy at least one of the things that you like, generally speaking, you are more likely to have many more common interests.

Group travel
Organised group travel is a great way to meet like-minded people who share your passion for travel. When you are travelling in an organised tour, your accommodation and transport is already organised, which are traditionally the most stressful aspects of travelling, so this allows you to sit back and enjoy your newfound friends and soak up the sites. It also allows time for you to share your other travel aspirations and perhaps plan your next adventure.

Wine tours
You don’t even have to be passionate about wine to enjoy a wine tour, most tours incorporate other sites for you to enjoy or even stop at a distillery. Generally, these tours are kept to a small to medium-sized group, which provides a reasonably intimate atmosphere, which means you have lots of opportunities to chat with most of the people on the tour. What better conversation starter then… which do you enjoy more, the Pinot Noir or Shiraz?

Short courses
Whether you want to improve your skills or want to learn something new, there really is a course for everyone. In most classroom situations, you are asked to work in pairs, this helps to break the ice, if you’re like most people and find it challenging to start the conversation. At the end of the course, it is generally recommended to share details with others so you can offer guidance when it comes to your new skills.

Cooking classes
Even a master chef can learn new skills or recipes and a one-off cooking class is a perfect scenario to learn such skills. It could be to brush up on your baking skills or to learn the basics of a new cuisine such as Mexican or Thai. Sharing a kitchen with people and then sitting down to eat is a great icebreaker.

You’ve got so much to talk about, the process of cooking, any issues you had, any advice you might need to perfect your soufflé for next time, and then of course the food itself. If you really hit it off with someone you could invite them over for afternoon tea or a casual meal one evening.

These are just a few ideas for meeting new people, our advice is find something you love and do it often, you are bound to meet someone that shares your passion! After all, we were the kid in the playground once.