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Personal heartbreak inspires Paul and Marie

Giving Back
November 19, 2020

Marie Madeley tears up when she talks about Micah Projects, the charity to which she and husband Paul recently made their Friends of Halcyon Referral donation.

“They help homeless people get accommodation and back on their feet,” she said. “They helped our daughter, she has had a lot of problems with drugs.”

Paul added: “She was living on the street and Micah Projects were instrumental in finding her accommodation.”

He said addiction, and in particular ice addiction, was not uncommon and affects every part of society. “Our daughter is 30 and her addiction has been going on for six years,” he said.

“She’s been clean, on and off, but she’s fallen back into it, which as you can imagine is a tough position for us.

He said they were grateful to be able to help Micah Projects, which often struggles to get the same sort of attention and funding as larger charities.

“We are appreciative that Halcyon do help in such a generous way,” he said.

“And it’s wonderful that we are able to choose the charities which mean something to us.”

Find out more about Micah Projects at

Find out more about the Friends of Halcyon Referral program here.