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71 and going strong

08 June 2018 | by Halcyon

Life at Halcyon Glades makes it easy for confessed ‘gym junkie’ Terry Tysoe to satisfy his appetite for action.

At 71, the former boxer, body builder and competition powerlifter, hits the community’s gym three times a week and plays competitive lawn bowls and golf with fellow home owners.

Such is his fitness level that Terry can drop and pump out 50 push-ups and is able to shoulder press the maximum weight on the gym’s station machine.

Happily, he has no arthritis, joint issues or blood pressure problems holding him back.

“There’s nothing that really inhibits me,” he said.

“I’m not on any medication, and not many people my age can say that.

“I had a cardiac stress test a few months ago and I asked the doctor how I went.

“He said, ‘you’ve got the heart of a 50-year-old, everything looks good’.”

Terry started body building in his late 30s.

“I was a company executive and I found the gym a great stress relief,” he said.

“I’d go three to four times a week.”

Several years later, Terry was drawn into powerlifting because his son Jason was competing at the world level of the sport’s junior ranks.

Often confused with weightlifting, powerlifting relies on sheer strength while weightlifting emphasises the rhythm and technique of each lift.

“I did some competitions at the local level and then competed at the Australian Power Lifting Titles in 1987, where I came second in the Masters competition to a 43-year-old bloke who beat me by just 2.5kg,” Terry said.

His performance in the 80kg to 90kg class saw Terry squat 170kg, bench press 135kg and deadlift 202kg.

“I only did it competitively for a year, it’s a big challenge with extremely big weights and very hard on your joints,” he said.

Terry admits he’s had to tone down the exertion level as he’s entered his 70s.

“Four years ago, I was going to the gym five times a week but then I started to get niggling injuries,” he said.

“Pushing my body to the max like that was just too hard on the joints.”

These days, Terry and a group of Halcyon Glades home owners hit the gym each Monday, Wednesday and Friday for sessions combining cardio exercises and weights.

“The cardio gets the heart rate up and the weight training is the best protection for your bone density,” he said.

“We also have professional trainers who come in.

“The exercise does encourage you to watch your diet and to look after yourself.”

Many years after picking up his first barbell, Terry still refers to himself as a ‘gym junkie’ and attributes his good health to both his active past and his current fitness regime at Halcyon Glades.

“It makes you feel good,” he said.

“You feel fit and you feel a lot better than when you don’t do it.

“And it gives you the rewards as you get older.”

Terry’s fitness routine:

  • 1-hour circuit class 3x a week
  • The circuit consists of 2-minute duration on each exercise - rowing machine, bike, cross trainer, squats, kettlebell swings, dumbbell rows, shoulder press, lat (pull) downs, chest press, calf raises, leg press, push-ups, leg raises and bicep curls x2 then stretch
  • Boxing and boot camp sessions
  • My favourite exercises: Bench press, bicep curls, shoulder press, leg press and calf raises.
  • Plays lawn bowls 2-3 times a week
  • Plays golf once a month
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