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Celebrating a very Halcyon Christmas

23 November 2018 | by Halcyon

Carol and Max Dahler at Halcyon Landing

Favourite Christmas carol?  Jingle Bells

Favourite Christmas tradition?  We say a prayer around the Christmas lunch table.
Another tradition was when we lived on our 50-acre property and the whole family would go out searching for a Christmas tree to chop down. We can’t do that this year, so we’ve planted a NSW Christmas Bush in our new garden as a way of keeping that tradition alive. We won’t be chopping that one down!

Where will you be this Christmas? It’s our first Christmas at Halcyon Landing and we’re hosting our family in our new home.

Who are you spending Christmas with? Our two daughters, sons-in-law and five grandchildren who are aged from 8 to 19.

What are you doing for Christmas? A grazing-style lunch of cold meat and salads at home with the family, some board games with the grandchildren, maybe a game of tennis and then we’ll hit the pool. The kids love to go fishing so someone might take them down to the river at some stage. The great thing is that the parents of one of my sons-in-law also live here (Liz and Neil Hamilton), so the grandchildren get to see both sets of grandparents on Christmas Day.

Barb Rollins at Halcyon Glades

What’s your favourite Christmas carol? The Little Drummer Boy

What’s your favourite Christmas tradition? Getting together with people, especially those who are on their own.

Where will you be this Christmas? At Halcyon Glades

Who are you spending Christmas with? My husband, Win, and the other 60 or so people coming to the Halcyon Glades Orphans’ Lunch in the Rec Club.

What are you doing for Christmas? I’m organising the second Halcyon Glades Orphans’ Lunch and expecting between 60 and 70 people to attend. It all came about after I suggested that a few of us who were spending Christmas without their families get together. We ended up with a crowd of about 50 of us. Some people said it was more fun than spending Christmas with their relatives and everybody who went said they’d be back again this year. I organise for everyone to bring a plate of food such as meat, salad or dessert as well as their own alcohol and drinking glasses. We set up tables in the Rec Club and I make sure the seating plan mixes everyone up, so they get to know new people. We play some hilarious party games that really break the ice and there’s a lot of yelling and laughing. It starts at 10am and last year some people stayed until 6pm. I organised a lot of corporate Christmas parties during my working life- I love doing it.

Terry and Sylvia Fox at Halcyon Waters

Favourite Christmas carol? O Holy Night

Favourite Christmas tradition? A big Christmas breakfast with the family

Where will you be? Here at home

Who will you be with? Our daughter, son-in-law and our granddaughter

What are you doing?  The family Christmas breakfast is the biggest thing for our kids because we used to do it when they were little. To them it’s not Christmas unless we have the breakfast. It’s what they look forward to the most. Breakfast is always ham, eggs, tomatoes, croissants, mangoes, mince pies, champagne and bon bons. We usually have breakfast first and then open the presents but with our two-year-old granddaughter, Josie, here we’ll probably do the presents first. She’s our only grandchild and she’s recharged Christmas for us. Christmas is about kids and we’ve got an excuse now to put the lights and the Christmas tree up. We finish off the afternoon playing boardgames, enjoying a seafood dinner and a homemade Christmas pudding (Sylvia’s special recipe).

John Wiskar at Halcyon Parks

Favourite Christmas carol? Hark the Herald Angels Sing – it’s the most rousing one

Favourite Christmas tradition? Spending time with the family and being there on Christmas morning when our grandsons open their presents.

Where will you be? Brisbane, where our sons live. We moved to Caloundra from North Queensland to be closer to them.

Who will you be with? My wife Val, our two sons and their families

What are you doing? We will have Christmas breakfast or lunch at one son’s place and then it’s off to the other son’s for dinner.  We have typical Australian fare – prawns, ham and the like.
I’m also a member of Halcyon Parks’ Toy Boys group which, along with the Buderim Men’s Shed, makes hundreds of wooden Christmas toys for kids in crisis on the Sunshine Coast each year. This year, we’ve made more than 600 toys including trains, tractors, bulldozers, jeeps, trailers, aeroplanes, doll’s beds and prams. Halcyon Parks’ art and craft group helps us with painting and making pillows, blankets and sheets for the prams and beds. We make the toys in the work shed throughout the year and only stop for Christmas, then get back into it again early in the new year. We’ve had a successful year and we thoroughly enjoy ourselves in our efforts. We would love more people to join us next year.

Bill and Margaret Weir at Halcyon Lakeside

Favourite Christmas carol? Silent Night - the version sung by Kelly Clarkson, Trisha Yearwood and Reba McEntire - it gives you goose bumps.

Favourite Christmas tradition? Attending church on Christmas Day

Where will you be? At Halcyon Lakeside

Who will you be with? Our eldest daughter and her partner are coming up from Sydney.

What are you doing? Christmas morning will be spent opening our gifts from Santa and enjoying the phone calls from our three young grandchildren. Christmas afternoon will be spent reminiscing and relaxing after a lovely lunch of seafood, cold meats and salads, not forgetting the plum pudding and trifle. After the ‘big’ traditional breakfast and lunch, the evening meal will be just grazing.
We’re also doing another Christmas lights display in our front garden after we were lucky enough to win Halcyon’s inter-community competition last year. We’ve kept our red and white theme and added a special new frosty attraction that will delight the kids - big and small. We’re putting all the effort in for the kids who’ll be here for the school holidays. We started putting our display together in late October with the help of our wonderful neighbours Jim and Carol East. We use good quality decorations with some coming from as far away as the United States.  It makes people happy and we enjoy it when they come around to see the lights. To help create the Christmas spirit, we hope to have some of our choir members along with those home owners who would like to join in, singing in the streets to help create the festive atmosphere.

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