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Home owners on the road to marathon season

22 May 2019 | by Halcyon

Ash O’Neil and Carolyn Rose are among the hundreds of Halcyon home owners preparing to walk or run in events with Team Halcyon at the upcoming Gold Coast Marathon (6-7 July) and Sunshine Coast Marathon (2-4 August). We spoke to them about their motivations, goals and the benefits of taking part.

Ash O’Neil - Halcyon Parks - 5km walk in the Sunshine Coast Marathon

Why are you entering?

It’s my third time doing the 5km event. I’m doing it for the enjoyment, the companionship and for the fundraising that Halcyon does for Ronald McDonald House. Because it’s a charity that we’re contributing to I feel like I’m helping others by putting in my little bit of effort.

How are you preparing for the event?

My daily walk has been a big part of my routine for 40 years and I try to average about 5km each day. I leave at 5.30am before the heat of the day and I do the full loop of Halcyon Park’s parkland and then all the streets in the community. I see lots of other home owners out on the streets getting active and that’s brilliant to see.

What keeps you on track?

I’m a person who needs to keep moving. I can’t sit still. I believe if you sit around and become a couch potato, you’ll suffer later in life.

What are the benefits?

Health is the major one for me. I have an artificial valve in my aorta and every 12 months I go to the cardiologist for a stress test. I’ve passed the test every time and I’m aiming to keep it that way by staying active.

I find walking enjoyable, otherwise I wouldn’t do it. I feel better for it and I love being out in the fresh air. It helps you wake up properly and it gives you a clear head. If I don’t walk, I just don’t feel right.

Have you set yourself a time for the event?

I’d like to do it in 58 minutes, but I’m always happy with my time. I’m not out to beat people or anything like that. I certainly don’t run, it’s not good for my bones!


Carolyn Rose - Halcyon Greens - 10km walk in the Gold Coast Marathon

Why did you decide to enter?

When we moved to Halcyon Greens on June 29 last year, it was the day before the marathon. As we were shifting all the cartons in, I thought ‘well I can’t do it this year but I’m going into training for next year and I’m going to complete the 10km’.

What’s your training program?

After moving in, I took up the gym and aqua classes. I also encouraged my neighbour across the road to take up walking with me. We started walking 40 minutes a day and we built that up to an 8.25km (80 minute) walk three or four times a week on top of the various fitness classes. I like having a buddy to motivate me on those mornings when it’s hard to get out of bed early. Now that it’s cooling down, we’re going to push our walks to 9km and then get a couple of 10km walks in as the event gets closer.

What motivates you?

I’ve been in to health and fitness since I broke my tailbone aged 32 and needed to do strengthening exercises. My Dad died of heart disease at 61 and my Mum lived longer but didn’t have a good quality of life. I’ve also worked in hospitals for 30 years including in a rehabilitation ward, and that’s a place to inspire you to keep up your health and fitness. Now that I’m 68, I want to maintain my fitness level, because I don’t want to just exist, I want to have a good life.

Living at Halcyon Greens, myself and other home owners have all that we need at our fingertips, to inspire and encourage us to lead a healthy lifestyle.  The surrounding parklands and walking trails and the fitness classes and programs at the Greens will help ensure that.  There is a great advantage also of living here, in that many people are of the same ilk and the support and encouragement we all get from our fellow residents is quite inspiring!

What do you hope to get out of training?

I always seem to have an extra 3-5kg that I need to lose. I really love food and don’t mind a glass of wine. I want to maintain my bone density, upright posture and flexibility. I’m within my BMI range but would like to lose a bit more weight. That’s been a bit harder since I returned to work recently after a seven-month break.

I don’t have a time in mind for the 10km as I’ve never done the event before.

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