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Probus chairman is branching out at Halcyon Greens

February 19, 2019

Halcyon Greens at Pimpama was the ideal place for Probus South Pacific Limited chairman Douglas Geekie and his wife Suzanne to downsize. As the Chairman of a 125,000-member organisation that promotes active retirees, and provides support services to Clubs through friendship, fellowship and fun, Douglas is finding the Halcyon lifestyle agrees with his sociable and energetic outlook.

Douglas and Suzanne decided to move to Halcyon Greens last year after living in their large home at Hope Island Resort for 17 years. “We wanted to downsize because the house we had was about 42 squares that placed increasing demands on our time as we grew older,” he said.

“I actually heard about the Halcyon Greens development and opportunity through Probus whilst I was sitting beside a member (called a Probian) at my Probus Club meeting in July 2017”. The community’s frontage to the 18-hole Gainsborough Greens Golf Course was a big drawcard for the former competitive golfer, who is looking forward to playing socially.

And while Probus commitments currently take up much of Douglas’ time, he and Suzanne have found it easy to connect with their new neighbours at Halcyon Greens. “One of the things we really do enjoy here is when we go for a walk,” he said.

“We go out for an hour and we finish up walking for about 15 minutes and talking for the other 45 because of that friendship that exists here. “We talk to all sorts of people we’ve never met before. This is an amazing characteristic of the Halcyon communities “.

“You need to be a person that wants to be part of a community rather than living on a street where you may never know your neighbours.” Douglas very much subscribes to the Probus philosophy that people retire from work, not life. He believes it’s vital for seniors to widen their horizons as much as they can and become even more active than prior to retirement.

“Probus is about the same sorts of things as Halcyon but provides an option of going outside the community and expanding your base of friends and being increasingly active and involved in the community, and I think that’s important,” he said.

“Halcyon Greens is a great place to live and have lots of fun, but it is even better when you realize that you are part of the extensive communities of the Halcyon Group”. Probus is for retired and semi-retired people and involves regular get-togethers and activities such as morning teas, movie clubs, lunches, bus trips, walking groups, card playing, travel and guest speakers.

Its members are eligible for insurance and other benefits,and receive the monthly magazine, Active Retirees. Now in his final year of his role as chairman, Douglas is eager to start two clubs in the rapidly growing Pimpama area, which he believes will ultimately support four clubs.

“Active retirees are what I’m all about,” he said.

“You have so many people sitting in their houses doing nothing and if we get them into this organisation then they will start becoming more involved and challenged and increasingly enjoying life that often leads to better health.” “We offer more than 120 different groups and activities. Some people are members of seven different Probus clubs.

“If you join and be part of it you’re going to be better off all the way. “I always like to get out and do something, it’s what drives me. “Suzanne realises that if I stopped tomorrow and did nothing, I’d be unbearable to live with, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.”