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Ready, set, action! Halcyon homeowners shine bright onscreen.

September 01, 2020

Halcyon homeowners shine bright onscreen.

The streets at Halcyon Greens were abuzz when a group of homeowners stepped up to help Halcyon shoot its latest TV commercial.

Nineteen homeowners (and a dog) were ready for their close-up, volunteering to share the Halcyon lifestyle with the Australian public.

Lily and John Barker from Halcyon Greens said they were “flattered to be chosen” and to be given the opportunity to be a part of the newest campaign.

“It was lots of fun and it was lovely to be a part of it,” Lily said.

“Even though it was very hard to get up early for the 6am start.”

“It was wonderful to be able to show off our community to the best of our ability so I hope we’ve done it justice.” They said they now have a much better appreciation for how much time, effort and the number of “takes” required to pull a TV commercial together.

“I really enjoyed it and it was so professionally done,” he said. “It really is representative of the community and the relaxed lifestyle that Halcyon offers.”

Halcyon’s latest commercial, titled “No worries living” features a group of enthusiastic homeowners showing what it’s like to live a “no worries” lifestyle – playing golf, staying fit, heading off on RV adventures and socialising with friends.

From the very start, Halcyon has used its own homeowners in television and print marketing campaigns.

Halcyon’s Joint Managing Director Dr Bevan Geissmann said there were a number of reasons for that. “Firstly, because it’s always fun and we are grateful for it,” he said.

“Most importantly, we believe it adds a lot of authenticity to our marketing as no-one wants to see 40-year-old actors trying to be passed off as 60-year-olds.

“Who better to represent what it’s like to live in a Halcyon community than the people already living in one? They are the best brand ambassadors any company could ask for.”