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Secret shoppers become happy homeowners

June 05, 2019

Stuart and Toni-Maree Eden’s move into the 200th home at Halcyon Glades started with an ‘undercover mission’ more than a decade ago.

It was 2008 and the Sunshine Coast couple first stepped inside a Halcyon community as secret shoppers at Halcyon Parks in Caloundra.

As they cast a critical eye over the community they were very impressed and could see themselves living the Halcyon lifestyle.

However, their enthusiasm was tempered by the fact they were building a home in the picturesque Glasshouse Mountains at the time.

“We looked at each other said ‘we’d love to do this, it’s our sort of lifestyle but maybe down the track’,” Stuart said. “That experience planted the seed for us.”

With Halcyon always in the back of their minds, the Edens loved the years they spent in their five-bedroom Glasshouse Mountains home with a pool and an amazing view of Mt Tibrogargan.

Inevitably though, the size of the place and its lush garden caught up with them and got in the way of their love of travelling, socialising and dancing.

“We absolutely love the house, but it’s work; all I did was prune because we were so successful in establishing the garden,” Stuart laughed.

“And the house was so big that the work inside was also pretty constant.” Toni-Maree agreed that it was the ideal time to ‘right-size’ their life.

“We don’t feel old, but we just don’t want the hassle of working around the house and looking after the yard, we just want to enjoy life more,” she said.

“Everyone told us not to leave it too long because you need to enjoy the facilities and if you’re too old and something happens, then you can’t.”

They checked out many other options yet kept coming back to Halcyon; settling on a home design they customised to suit their needs on a unique triangular site at Halcyon Glades.

“In the end we stuck with Halcyon, we really felt the quality was better and cost-wise it was reasonable,” Stuart said.

“We’re looking forward to locking up and leaving because we travel a lot and we’ve got a caravan – so the caravan storage was important to us too. “It’s been a long time coming; we’ve been planning this for 10 years.”

Toni-Maree said Halcyon Glades’ location close to family and friends in northern Brisbane and their weekly rock’n’roll dancing lessons at Caboolture sealed the deal.

“What we love about Glades is that it’s more ‘countryfied’, relaxed and laidback,” she said. “It’s a great location; everything’s so handy and you’re just minutes from the highway.”

They are looking forward to having more time for fun and meeting their new neighbours and making friends.

“We love variety, we love life, we just love to keep moving,” Toni-Maree said. “We thought long and hard about it and we think this is where we are meant to be.”