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Seize the day: Don keeps rocking the airwaves

September 03, 2020

Celebrating 50 years behind the microphone

If you’ve ever tuned in to 89.3FM while on the Gold Coast, you’ve probably heard the dulcet tones of Don Glover during one of his radio programs for community station 4CRB.

The Halcyon Waters homeowner has had a lifetime of experience behind the microphone, working in the medium since the early 1970s across many stations in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

“I’ve always loved the immediacy of radio,” Don said.

“These days we get our information and news from a lot more sources, but radio was where people turned to first if they wanted to know something.”

During his career, Don also worked as an executive in radio as well as running Village Roadshow’s Home Entertainment video business for a number of years.

Don moved to Waters three years ago from the NSW Central Coast, where even though he had retired, he was still volunteering in community radio there. When he and wife Kerry made the move to Halcyon, some old radio friends living on the Gold Coast got him involved with 4CRB.

“I do three morning programs through the week, a rock and roll show on Saturday afternoon and a smooth jazz program on Monday night,” he said.

“I’ve been doing mic work since my late teens, I get a buzz every time the mic goes on but at my age, it’s just fun, something to enjoy while giving the listeners what they want.”

During COVID-19, the station made the decision to keep its staff working from home, which wasn’t a problem for Don as he has his own mini-studio at his home.

“I’ve been able to pre-record all of my shows, which is great, but I also make sure that I make a few blunders here and there to make it sound a bit more real,” he said.

“With live radio there’s no real opportunity to have another take, so you have to avoid the temptation of making a pre-record sound too perfect,” he laughed.