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Six tips for selling your home that every agent should tell you

How To
June 06, 2019

Are you thinking of making the move to an over 50s lifestyle community, but need to sell your home? Here are some tips and tricks to turn your dream into a reality…

1. First in best dressed
Have you heard the saying, “first in best dressed”, well the same goes for selling your house… A well-dressed home will sell faster, just switch on your TV and watch the many shows that take a tired-looking home and carry out those little changes that the owner had wanted to do for years but never did, then dress the home in the latest style trends and the home sells and often at top dollar.

2. Communicate with your agent
Effective and open communication is invaluable when selling a home, some listing agents may be a little reluctant to share some “home truths” about a house, for example, displaying 600 garden gnomes dating back to 1965 could distract a buyer from seeing the real potential of the home. It is imperative to understand the “must do” tasks for an effective sales process to help sell your home within a reasonable period of time and for the best possible price.

Preparing your home for a sales campaign doesn’t have to be painful or expensive. Forget the cleaning crew, staging company, landscape gardener, just remember a few simple steps and the whole process will be less stressful and perhaps even speed up your journey to that SOLD sticker.

3. Think like a buyer
Do you remember pulling up out the front of a prospective home and thinking, NO, immediately? Yes, first impressions count and ensure your home leaves a good one. Curb appeal should be neat and tidy. Ask a friend or family member to do a “drive by” of your home, ask yourself and them, would you consider this house?

Keep your front entrance area clutter free and clean, don’t give the buyer anything to really think about when they are here other than “I want to get inside”.

Do you fancy cakes, muffins? Pop a tray of your favourite bakery treat into the oven just before an open home, allow the aroma of the baked treat to spread through the home, people really do respond well to lovely odors.

4. Set the right scene and temperature
If it’s cold outside, be generous with the heater, there’s nothing like walking into a home that gives you a giant warm hug as you walk through the front door.

Perhaps think about having your beloved pets minded for the time people are viewing your home, they can distract people, particularly if they have an allergy or are scared of animals.

Based on every DIY home show I’ve ever watched the kitchen remains at the top of the list for what can make or break a sale. Keep your countertops clutter free and CLEAN, someone who is really into cooking will go through your cupboards and appliances, so just be aware of that.

5. Grab yourself a tea or coffee
Ever had that awkward conversation about someone and then realised that that someone was standing behind you and could hear every word? Well potential buyers don’t want to have that kind of conversation, so trust your agent and take yourself out for a while.

When the buyers have left, ask your agent for the positive and negative comments received, just in case there are things you could do to make the home more pleasing to other potential buyers.

6. Do your homework
Know what else is around, are you selling at a peak time, and are there similar homes that people are potentially comparing your home to? This will help determine your marketing strategy, offer the things that no one else can offer. It will also give you some realistic expectations with selling timelines and prices.

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Happy selling and good luck