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Snap happy couple take first prize

Be Creative
September 14, 2021

After 47 years of marriage, the banter and sense of cheeky fun between Gay and Murray Speden is engaging to be around.

The pair, who separately won the Judge’s and the People’s Choice awards in the recent photography competition held at Halcyon Greens, rib each other as they compare their entries.

“Murray is serious about it and he’s got all the gear,” Gay said. 

“We have been all over the world and Murray has taken some beautiful photos.

"I literally just point and shoot with my phone.”

People's Choice winner Gay Speden's crackling winter fire


Gay’s entry was a joint winner with Nadine Swanney for the People’s Choice category and shows a crackling and shimmering fire.


Nadine Swanney's People Choice winner of the pool at dusk


Murray said: “I may have all the gear but I shot mine on my phone as well.”

"I literally got out of bed and walked out to the balcony and saw there was mist, which we don't get that often."

"I thought 'that's a great shot.'"

Murray Speden's Judge's Winner of the fairways at dawn


Murray’s photographic work often graces Halcyon’s Facebook feed.