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Southerners heading north for their Halcyon Days

May 23, 2019

Mad keen golfers Peter and Trish Addington are part of an upsurge of interstate Baby Boomers heading north to live at Halcyon. 

As southern property markets cool, Queensland’s warmer climate, carefree lifestyle and better value for money are luring more NSW and Victorian buyers to our lifestyle communities. 

In fact, interstate migration now accounts for 20 per cent of our buyers - the highest proportion ever. 

Halcyon’s experience reflects the wider trend with the Sunshine State’s net interstate migration more than tripling since 2014, according to Queensland Government data. 

Longtime Sydneysiders Peter and Trish said their upcoming move to Halcyon Greens at Pimpama was driven by the compelling financial benefits – and a better lifestyle. 

“What we’re selling for down here and buying for up there gives us a nice little buffer in the bank account,” Peter said. 

“It puts our minds at rest that we can do the holidays that we might want to do down the track.  Certainly, the weather will benefit us, I hate the winter down here.” 

Trish said discovering Halcyon Greens during a Gold Coast holiday had made them realise it was possible to downsize in style from their suburban family home of 40 years. 

“We could have downsized here in Sydney but out to what I call ‘the bush’ to get anything decent and I didn’t want to do that. 

“The money from the sale of our house would have gone into whatever we went into and there was no financial benefit in doing that.  

“It’s cheaper to buy up in Queensland than it is down here, so Queensland was the way to go.” 
Halcyon Greens’ location next to the Gainsborough Greens Golf Course and near their Upper Coomera-based daughter sealed the Halcyon deal for Trish and Peter. 

“We’re mainly interested in golf and we play two to three times a week,” Trish said. 

“At Halcyon we can just walk onto the course if we want to; it’s ideal and it’s all there for us.” 
Dedicated caravanners Lynn and Geoff Ellis said Queensland’s warmer climate was behind their decision to move from Victoria to Halcyon Lakeside on the Sunshine Coast. 

The couple have lived in Wallan, just north of Melbourne, for almost 20 years but spend most winters travelling north with their caravan. 

“We quite often finish up in the Maroochydore area and we really like the area,” Geoff said. 
“Last winter we had a look at some of the lifestyle villages on the Sunshine Coast and we were absolutely blown away with what Halcyon offers. 

“We were gob smacked by the facilities and we thought if we don’t move and get involved in those activities now, then time will pass us by. 

“At Halcyon Lakeside we’ll probably travel a bit less because when you leave from Melbourne you’ve got a two-week trip just to get to Brisbane. 

“We hope to be more heavily involved in the community activities, which are such a feature at Halcyon.” 

Lynn said Halcyon’s straightforward financial model was also very appealing to them. 
“My little bit of research has shown that Victoria seems to be lagging behind Queensland in this sector,” she said. 

“Some of the fee structures are more restricting down here than they are in Queensland, as in you can’t keep the capital gains and you’re restricted on how you sell. 

“So, the way that Halcyon runs their communities was a big incentive for us as well.” 
Lynn and Geoff are excited to be moving into Halcyon Lakeside’s first RV Home, which has a super-sized garage for their caravan, in August.