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Thinking of moving to an over 50s community? What will it cost you?

How To
January 25, 2018

Downsizing from the family home and moving into an over 50s community can be a big decision, especially if you have lived in the same home for more than 20 years. The memories, friendships and all that stuff you’ve gathered over the years can make the prospect of shifting quite daunting. You also need to consider your financial security.

An over 50s community is a cost-effective downsizing option for those who want to maintain their independence but also enjoy the many benefits of living in an active and vibrant community with like-minded people.

Why choose Halcyon?
When purchasing in a Halcyon over 50s community, you buy your home and sign a lease in perpetuity to pay rent on the land, which remains the property of Halcyon. 

Awarded for affordability, seniors living and environmental sustainability, Halcyon’s contemporary homes have evolved to be the pinnacle of innovation, design and quality features.  Designed for an ‘unretiring’ active lifestyle and low maintenance living, our goal is to provide you with superior over 50s luxury living with a high level of finish as standard.

And there’s the 5-star lifestyle you will enjoy as well. As part of your weekly site fee, you’ll have access to the vast array of luxury facilities only a short stroll or cycle from your doorstep for example a Gold Class-style cinema, bowling green, tennis, pickleball, lap pool, spa and so much more.

Community events and activities such as aqua aerobics, group fitness classes, art and craft, table tennis, Happy Hour drinks and dinner are also part of the fun of living in a community environment - you won’t have a second to spare!

At Halcyon, you can relax, take it easy and leave all the hard work to us. No more cleaning the pool or mowing the lawn. We make sure your investment is safe and maintained to the highest standards.
Importantly, there are no hidden costs, no body corporate structure, no sinking fund and no exit fees.

What are the costs at Halcyon?
1. The purchase price of the home (from $390,000)
2. The weekly site fee that covers:
• Lease/license to occupy the home site in perpetuity
• Council land and water rates
• Management and administration of the community
• Maintenance of community areas and gardens
• Streetscape and park mowing
• Upkeep of facilities and infrastructure

If you receive the pension you may be eligible for a government rental subsidy, which as at December 2017 is $62.70 per week for a couple or $66.50 per week for a single person.

• Telephone: Payable to your provider as per normal living situations.
• Electricity and gas: Payable to your provider as per normal living situations.
• Home and contents insurance: Payable to your provider as per normal living situations.

What you DON’T pay at Halcyon
There is no entry or exit fee, which is a big difference between Halcyon and other operators out there. This gives you security in your decision - so if you find it’s not for you, there’s an easy exit strategy.

There is no stamp duty on your purchase, no taxes, no strata or community title fees and no sinking fund.

Talk to your financial and legal advisors
Before deciding to move into any type of community living, it’s important to first be clear about your current financial circumstances. Halcyon recommends that you consult your financial advisor to discuss living options. They will ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions of any agreement you enter for community living.